【100】Chomntaille(2019/09/16 19:21:25)
They only regulates British Charities. Take World Vision for example. It's international mgmt…
【99】always nano the bob(2019/09/16 19:21:24)
Hello I did not pay my dog attention for five seconds so he grabbed my arm and looked at me like this until I did …
【98】Dawn Hy(2019/09/16 19:21:22)
"A touch on the arm: returning to work after mental health problems" Throwback to this brilliant piece by …
【97】De Balie(2019/09/16 19:21:20)
De Marokkaanse overheid speelt nog altijd een rol in het leven van de Marokkaanse Nederlander. Maar hoe lang is dez…
【96】grace 🦂(2019/09/16 19:21:09)
i went home for the night and my german shepherd almost took my arm off before realizing it was me walking through the door <3
【95】elaff(2019/09/16 19:21:05)
كبونات اليوم 💜💜💜💜💜 noon نون HCCS ايهيرب iherb MAN0092 تخفيضات اخترت لكم Arm & Hammer, Essentials Natural De…
【94】Afolayan Oluitan(2019/09/16 19:21:03)
There is a serial killer on the lose in Port Harcourt. Main target are ladies. Suspect makes use of hotel…
【93】SecretAnna(2019/09/16 19:20:55)
that one time when bts met a baby and when she waved her lil arm they all lost it
【92】Patrick Lahr(2019/09/16 19:20:48)
He has his left arm out to brace the fall. Pretty much the definition of not all of his weight.
【91】あるむ ¨̮❕(2019/09/16 19:20:44)
本日2回目〜 勝手にメンション企画〜 もちろんこの方!! と をフォロー このツイートをいいねとRT iTunes1500円×1名 締め切り今から30分後 通知オンおすすめします!
【90】avijit mitra(2019/09/16 19:20:41)
Warner suggests the best glasses cleaning cloth to Leach. Thorpe, Cummins discuss how awesome it would be to face off a…
【89】dear my kiki,that's okay✰(2019/09/16 19:20:41)
Remember that cf when kyungsoo had to put his arm around the models to take a pic together n he only pretended to do so but…
【88】らいむ(2019/09/16 19:20:40)
【86】Tonia Stark 🇳🇬🧡(2019/09/16 19:20:31)
If not for Mercy would you have a show? You don’t like Mercy but you will stay up all night just to record the sweet c…
【85】India Business 🇮🇳(2019/09/16 19:20:26)
Saudi Aramco’s trading arm seeks oil products after attacks: traders
【84】ETScriptBot(2019/09/16 19:20:23)
Mike fears of beer can project these two fingers point out for its arm.
【83】แค่ฅนธรรมดา(2019/09/16 19:20:22)
หวยก่ะถูกกิน หิวข้าวเด้
【82】~☃🍓SwEeT cAnDy GirL🍭☃~(2019/09/16 19:20:18)
Weil sie genug Geld fürs flüchten hatten und du arm bist
【81】👉👈 Happily Namjooning 🌘🌱🌊(2019/09/16 19:20:15)
I saw the sign board RM somewhere and I told my dad that it can be reinterpreted as real me and now he wants to tattoo th…
【80】Olateju(2019/09/16 19:20:08)
Armed Robbers visited a Family, the family has 2 little children. The Armed robbers asked them to lie down and close their ey…
【79】Matteo Nossa(2019/09/16 19:20:05)
OKEX Korea Drops 5 Privacy Coins Citing FATF Rules The Korean arm of the exchange has dropped support for privacy-…
【78】Kamal(2019/09/16 19:20:00)
HEARTBREAKING - Bahamian resident Erick Auguste is recovering in South Florida after, he said, he lost his home, his arm and his…
【77】M. Willies(2019/09/16 19:19:59)
The same reason civilians are allowed to arm themselves with military weapons. The peo…
【76】irl_background-chan(2019/09/16 19:19:57)
Rhys arm refs!
【75】BILD Hamburg(2019/09/16 19:19:55)
Krankheiten eingeredet - Tochter ritzte sich vor Verzweiflung in den Arm
【74】ari☁️(2019/09/16 19:19:55)
good morning cuties, I woke up so early because I couldn't feel my arm and I panicked akdjkadhjd, how are you doing…
【73】Gags ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️(2019/09/16 19:19:54)
Epstein's Life has been Memory Holed . This is due to the fact that the MSM is the arm of not just the D party but…
【72】ari757(2019/09/16 19:19:51)
When I look at this photo, I think of holding your arm full of love
【71】Agnes(2019/09/16 19:19:41)
Boos? Weet waar ik boos van word. Dat de gezondheidszorg naar de donder gaat. En dat…
【70】ArcticWanderer 🇮🇸 🇬🇧(2019/09/16 19:19:36)
Hello, I am not dead I promise! I've been working through the traditional art queue that I just took while I continue to giv…
【69】tinyhoe(2019/09/16 19:19:34)
am i the only one who wants to arm wrestle with jongho even tho he’d probably break my arm
【68】Rev Marina Kalugina Khan,aka Marina the Monk(2019/09/16 19:19:33)
arm up now, put up a sign "NO TRESPASSING" "WATCH out for the dogs and hunters"......WE RARELY MISS
【67】Ron Billing(2019/09/16 19:19:32)
The extreme right of the likes of Mitch will take money from the NRA to arm mentally ill people to gu…
【66】Test Account1(2019/09/16 19:19:30)
If only Bradley's arm was longer. Best photo ever. Clean clams crammed in clean cans. : b0b6b234-f195-43e8-ad86-2a626280c327
【65】Tshego Moagi(2019/09/16 19:19:27)
【64】richie | look at 📌(2019/09/16 19:19:24)
what happened to his arm 😳
【63】すずり(2019/09/16 19:19:23)
【62】アーム強者@世界最強への道(2019/09/16 19:19:22)
軽量級 絶対王者
【61】Carlos Montúfar(2019/09/16 19:19:22)
kirk cousins is the kinda guy whos like: i have very little arm talent and have been overthrowing receivers all gam…
【60】Flare(2019/09/16 19:19:22)
I can't win an arm wrestle either! I've come to terms with my fate though...
【59】3neel(2019/09/16 19:19:21)
Pwc rejects Rai’s bid for ARM Cement
【58】つな(2019/09/16 19:19:11)
【56】SUNFLOWER 💋💋💖💖(2019/09/16 19:19:08)
The vampire teeth is long, the boy h…
【55】Aaya The Girl(2019/09/16 19:19:05)
wish I was those avocados he’s cradling in his arm
【54】Testing123(2019/09/16 19:19:05)
Fidel Castro's crocodile bites off Swede's arm at Stockholm zoo
【53】صوت المطر ⛈️⛈️☔(2019/09/16 19:19:05)
﴿ فَأَقِيمُوا الصَّلَاةَ وَآتُوا الزَّكَاةَ وَاعْتَصِمُوا بِاللَّهِ هُوَ مَوْلَاكُمْ ۖ فَنِعْمَ الْمَوْلَىٰ وَنِعْمَ النَّ…
【52】Chintan(2019/09/16 19:19:04)
Depending on spinal curve "c" or "s" , according to that one arm affected, one leg affe…
【51】manolokero#stopZTTIP(2019/09/16 19:19:04)
El mes pasado Pompeo, Director de la CIA, recomendó a Trump que cerrara un programa para armar y entrenar a los rebeldes…
【50】S K Singh(2019/09/16 19:19:01)
Chinese need to understand that this is no more India of 1962 or 2013. This is new India & arm twisting don't work with us…
【48】Amy ♡📌 VAV Thread masterlist ♡(2019/09/16 19:18:52)
That's good cuz its her.... Arm?
【47】Mrs. McCorkle(2019/09/16 19:18:51)
Flu shot in one arm + Shingles shot in the other arm = a long, miserable night.....
【46】Centre for Mental Health(2019/09/16 19:18:47)
"A touch on the arm: returning to work after mental health problems" Throwback to this brilliant piece by…
【45】Pina(2019/09/16 19:18:47)
Nee hoor ligt niet aan jou. Dit is ook de bedoeling van dit kabinet c.q. EU. We worden arm en uiteind…
【43】fight4palestine(2019/09/16 19:18:38)
We bomb you. We invade you. We occupy you. We colonize you. We kill your chosen leaders. We destroy your civil society. We…
【41】s(2019/09/16 19:18:31)
Right hand arm man :)
【40】BEJ(2019/09/16 19:18:24)
*every Mindhunter episode* HOLDEN: did you kill her? KILLER: nope HOLDEN: we heard your dick game was weaksauce KILL…
【39】Captain Philips(2019/09/16 19:18:22)
The Korean arm of the exchange has dropped support for privacy-enhancing cryptocurrencies including monero, zcash and d…
【38】BILD(2019/09/16 19:18:18)
Krankheiten eingeredet - Tochter ritzte sich vor Verzweiflung in den Arm
【37】Itc_Ina ⚖️(2019/09/16 19:18:18)
ich bin am ehemaligen reichsparteitagsgelände in nürnberg und am zeppelinfeld laufen einfach drei nazis in kompletter mont…
【36】るうあ . !🍳🍌(2019/09/16 19:18:15)
【35】か と ぅ 〜 ん(2019/09/16 19:18:10)
鈴木絢音 3部 1枚 レポ か)あ、えっちですね(服装) 絢)ん?🤔 か)え、あ、腹筋鍛えたんだけど次はどこ鍛えれば? 絢)うーん腕💪🏾 か)あ、頑張る 鈴木絢音さん「えっち」でした。
【34】gus(2019/09/16 19:18:06)
okay but when will hangyul get a lip piercing AND an arm tattoo?
【33】Test Account1(2019/09/16 19:18:02)
If only Bradley's arm was longer. Best photo ever. Clean clams crammed in clean cans. : b0e72084-b938-4bb3-afb1-f0e4063601d5
【32】Erich Strasser 🔥(2019/09/16 19:18:02)
OKEX Korea Drops 5 Privacy Coins Citing FATF Rules: The Korean arm of the exchange has dropped support for privacy-…
【31】une_hay(2019/09/16 19:18:01)
Croyez en vous, personne vous mettra à terre vous êtes pas des fiottes
【30】Jack Round Tripper(2019/09/16 19:18:00)
There was an obvious progression with Bradshaw from real…
【29】Gaby Di Castro(2019/09/16 19:17:59)
Me: [touches wife’s arm] ⚡️ZAP⚡️ Wife: hey you shocked me! Me: oh no! I am so sorry. Wife: it’s ok. it’s not like you…
【27】Каторов(2019/09/16 19:17:54)
【26】ミヅキユキアヤ(2019/09/16 19:17:52)
ゴリ田ゴリオさん こむすけさん 桐嶋郁弥 穂香さん 七瀬遙 粗茶さん 夏目貴志 サイコパスタ犬さん 風丸一郎太 …
【25】📘𝓢𝓬𝓱𝓸𝓸𝓵𝓖𝓲𝓻𝓵 𝓔𝓿𝓮🏫(2019/09/16 19:17:49)
My MuMmy arm wings!
【24】William hill(2019/09/16 19:17:48)
Yeah right but one must know that the jury is been influence by the executive arm of the government
【22】あまき 🐥1y10m🥚30w(2019/09/16 19:17:47)
【21】Ⓒhrstphⓡ ㋡ Ⓓrhⓡ(2019/09/16 19:17:44)
Super excited to finally release SVD-Loader for Ghidra: A tool to make bare-metal ARM firmware reverse-engineering much…
【20】bad smut generator(2019/09/16 19:17:37)
She propeled her swollen excalibur into his palpitating bottom and held his flowing upper arm as he sighed.
【19】帯刃(2019/09/16 19:17:35)
ゼロワン→AIは人のためにある、共存できる バルカン→AIは人に害を成す、滅ぼすべき バルキリー→AIは道具、物は使いよう 滅亡迅雷net→AIは人より上、AIが世界を支配するべき ぜ、全然主張が違う……
【18】Satoshi's Arms(2019/09/16 19:17:26)
Hey Satoshi, need an arm?
【17】Luke Maluszewski(2019/09/16 19:17:26)
Agreed I saw him flail his arm as if he could feel his hand which points to Ucl as well.... All we…
【16】Masha Vadimovna(2019/09/16 19:17:22)
Didn’t realize til talking to the kind folks at SCA how much medieval re-enactment resembles drag culture. Coronations, que…
【15】こばしゃん(2019/09/16 19:17:19)
【14】indaleum(2019/09/16 19:17:17)
Diese herbe Enttäuschung, wenn man zu einem Videoabend eingeladen wurde und dann feststellen muss, dass die Dame so arm i…
【11】Brantly from the Burgh(2019/09/16 19:17:06)
I have a tattoo on my throat. Its just below the collar line when I button up and wear a tie plus…
【10】Christopher C.(2019/09/16 19:17:00)
2x 90kg (200lbs) Clean and Jerk with only one arm! 😳⁣ 🎥 (via. aldridgelogan/IG)
【8】NieuwLicht(2019/09/16 19:16:59)
‘Misschien kun je beter arm zijn met je eigen moeder, dan rijk met een adoptiemoeder.’ is fel tegenstan…
【7】Muzammal cheema(2019/09/16 19:16:58)
"سیدنا محمد “ ”صلی اللہ علیہ وآلہ وسلم" ﷺ ﷺ ﷺ ﷺ ﷺ ﷺ ﷺ یا رسول اللہ (صلی اللہ علیہ وآلہ وسلم) آپؐ پر ہر لمحہ لاکھوں کروڑوں…
【6】ginny14974(2019/09/16 19:16:58)
You need to fix your free speech problem and arm your police officers
【5】Becky Hartley(2019/09/16 19:16:56)
This is our Monday morning after breaking his arm at rugby yesterday! 😢
【4】Ty 🐢(2019/09/16 19:16:56)
There was a pillow but Joy chose to sleep on the side of Yeri’s arm 😭💕
【3】mao(2019/09/16 19:16:52)
🔥🔥🔥確率UPツイート🔥🔥🔥 本日23:59までに 🔴下の⬇︎⬇︎本ツイートRT 🔵このツイートをRT して頂いた方の中から、 抽選で【10名】に100万円を先行でプレゼント致します‼️ 当選者には直接DMさせて頂きます🙆‍♂️ https…
【2】こばしゃん(2019/09/16 19:16:50)
みんなが望んでいる 本物のマジカルちんこCMを作りました
【1】ayaablao | SEPT. 15(2019/09/16 19:16:49)
3AM Dabuz. *Sees me with a neck pillow. Dabuz: Hey Sinji, doesn't Pac-Man have one of those colored pillows around his neck…