【68】rose ☀️(2019/06/19 14:01:17)
My arm hurt sm 😭😭💉
【67】Linux for ARM(2019/06/19 14:01:16)
【66】ARM and SEAL(2019/06/19 14:01:08)
Vakar jūs smējāt par laistīšanu lietus laikā, šodien saņēmu atbildi no Pārdaugavas iecirkņa: Jā, laistam ar mēslojumu 1x…
【65】Tricia 🌈(2019/06/19 14:01:06)
Bakugo groans under him, his teeth sinking into his bottom lip. Kirishima moves his hips, pressing himself a litt…
【64】𝑺 𝑬 𝑹 𝑷 𝑬 𝑵 𝑻 ⚕(2019/06/19 14:01:02)
He nods. “Sounds good.” He lends his arm to him, hoping he’d take it.
【63】Internet of Things(2019/06/19 14:00:57)
ARMin: Simple Robot Arm Controller using Python
【62】Joe(2019/06/19 14:00:55)
Elderly rider saved after being knocked down by a train arm and felling onto the tracks in Czechia
【61】🌿 kaylee 🌿(2019/06/19 14:00:51)
When said "Just because the person next to you is in a full body cast doesn't mean your broken arm doesn't…
【60】楽しい英会話まとめ(2019/06/19 14:00:49)
Hold on to my arm. 僕の腕につかまって。
【59】しっぽな🌸(2019/06/19 14:00:48)
ありがとうございます! ほんとだ!まるまるルマンドが入ってるw こぼしそうだなあ。。w
【58】☭ Pllkachu ☭(2019/06/19 14:00:46)
(Stolen from YouTube) Arm Day Pizza. Literally like 8473829kg of lobsters on a plate of fried dough. Th…
【57】Neeraj(2019/06/19 14:00:43)
More that 300 Suicide last year, 1000 attacks on Bankers during recovery, Many lost their life during robbery attempts in B…
【56】Mark Garcia(2019/06/19 14:00:41)
Did you have a number tattooed on your arm?
【55】ストロングアーム非公式bot(2019/06/19 14:00:37)
【54】Shirley Barbaree(2019/06/19 14:00:36)
Eric Swalwell’s nonsense never stops. This is a man who works in a place guarded with security, guns and dogs. Yet,…
【53】🌻dat Papi fox🌻(2019/06/19 14:00:32)
Every damn day. Same arm too
【52】Rambouillet Sheep(2019/06/19 14:00:30)
Hi Meet David. David has numbers on his arm. They were tattooed on him by Nazis when David was in Auschwitz death c…
【51】SON OF NEPTUNE?(2019/06/19 14:00:29)
He chuckles at the sight and looped an arm around her shoulders as he pulls her along back to the nearest bed. "Do…
【50】Jasmine(2019/06/19 14:00:27)
I saw my grandpa just yesterday. He’s 91-years-old. I looked at the numbers tattooed on his arm for eternity. They used to…
【49】Boom Harangue(2019/06/19 14:00:26)
Heron rolling over and putting an arm over me in his sleep is, and always will be, the most precious experience of my life.
【47】Meter Maid(2019/06/19 14:00:20)
The Beau was washing the dishes & I went over to stand right next to him & started biting his arm, lol. Me: Am I b…
【46】YourMommyHoe👣(2019/06/19 14:00:20)
Finally home ... that ambulance bill about to be ridiculous and my medicine is about to cost a arm an a leg 😩
【43】mommy(2019/06/19 14:00:16)
Tyler Davis has been missing from the Hilton hotel in Easton Town Center (Columbus, OH) since 2/24/19. He has a lar…
【42】J(2019/06/19 14:00:16)
추가: 얼굴 (Face) 및 팔(Arm) 장애, 언어문제(Speech) 등 발생시 뇌졸증/ 뇌출혈 의심하고 시간지체(Time) 없이 곧 바로 병원행.
【41】Asia 🦁(2019/06/19 14:00:10)
Hate when niggas get an arm tatt and literally hold that arm up in every selfie. I seen it already! DAMN 🙄
【40】Apkdot(2019/06/19 14:00:07)
New APK Version Update: Youku 8.0.3 (arm) (Android 4.1+) Download:
【39】francesca.(2019/06/19 14:00:05)
For real. And them the typa wrestlers that ALWAYS wanna do the MOST technical shit so…
【35】...@Right__Wrong(2019/06/19 13:59:56)
This was in Nashville. He called Nic & Reese both out on the stage. Later, as he was…
【34】tata(2019/06/19 13:59:53)
New video up now for 2020 OF, Alex Restrepo! Has a slim, athletic build w/ present strength, ran a 6.7, showed off a s…
【33】slipknots best album is still Iowa(2019/06/19 13:59:51)
I’ll break ur arm
【32】Leah(2019/06/19 13:59:50)
I was told by a ginger precog that a tall, surly brunette with one arm will share a bed with me to…
【31】Kathleen⭐️⭐️⭐️(2019/06/19 13:59:48)
Meet David, he has numbers on his arm. They were tattooed on him by Nazis when David was in Auschwitz death c…
【30】Ko : heart of steel(2019/06/19 13:59:46)
“No, I did not...” He takes off his right arm and enters the pillow fort to rest his head
【28】incorrect barcedes(2019/06/19 13:59:39)
maria elsa, clearing throat: so... are you dating? barbara, with her arm around mercedes' shoulders: no. why does…
【27】tiriii(2019/06/19 13:59:38)
kaminari: do you think it worked? bakugou, walking past: dunce face, did you really short circuit because shinsou fuck…
【26】vanus: I'm gay(2019/06/19 13:59:30)
FNSKFNDJF the arm cross nd slouch is just foecore
【25】ARM and SEAL(2019/06/19 13:59:25)
Дочка Путина купила на французском курорте в Биаррице пару вилл, но что-то пошло не так...
【24】╳✕ ʜᴀɪᴅᴇɴ ɢʀɪᴍᴍ ✕╳(2019/06/19 13:59:23)
I looked at Mel then down at my arm as I made my shadow go back o being just a regular shadow. I slowly looked back…
【22】ᶜᵉᶜᵉ 🏳️‍🌈 whipped for chaeyoung(2019/06/19 13:59:19)
【21】香川 望(2019/06/19 13:59:13)
【20】didnt she used to be gay(2019/06/19 13:59:10)
kyle just grabbed my arm so hard and stared off into space in complete silence and then goes “uh oh” and farted
【19】Plieb(2019/06/19 13:59:10)
Dude it moves the arm at 0:29
【18】soph 🥀(2019/06/19 13:59:07)
one of the newbies at work saw that i was scratching my arm and he referenced the “you got eczema??” vine but like…
【17】💜(2019/06/19 13:59:04)
Right . And amazon charges an arm and a leg to buy the actual CD . I paid for them back in high school just…
【16】am(2019/06/19 13:59:03)
His arm 😩😳
【14】Nostalgia(2019/06/19 13:58:54)
【13】ノリオ(2019/06/19 13:58:52)
Prime Minister Scott Morrison said the recent AFP raids on journalists were at complete arm's length from his Government.…
【12】Tiger Zinda Hai(2019/06/19 13:58:52)
State of this. Kanni: am i disturbing you? Girl: Yes. Kanni: I love you! Girl: OMG, who the hell are you? Please l…
【11】もなか(2019/06/19 13:58:47)
【8】AliBaba™(2019/06/19 13:58:40)
To give one’s right arm means a Lot. Give a Hand Today, Spread an Arm, Make it bearable for Someone out there today…
【7】remy ratatouille(2019/06/19 13:58:39)
are you using the pinky from my arm, or your own pinky
【6】GO4ITUSA(2019/06/19 13:58:39)
Maybe they can fight back? Oh w…
【4】ドロシー(2019/06/19 13:58:29)
【2】the dreamer(2019/06/19 13:58:27)
Trinity: PSP Emulator Escape Trinity is a fully chained exploit for the PS Vita™ consisting of six unique vulnerabilities and 3…
【1】Sharon Collins(2019/06/19 13:58:20)
Hillary was last seen on June 16, 2019 n Bella Vista,