【100】Princess Kaylee 🚀(2020/06/01 04:40:06)
'Death Stranding' Makes Human Connections, Even In Isolation : NPR
【99】Khan(2020/06/01 04:33:11)
Mi presupuesto de juegos pa este año es para el cyberpunk y el death stranding, pero tarde o temprano caerá
【98】TʜᴇFᴏᴜʀᴛʜFᴏᴄᴜꜱ - ᛗᛁᚲᛚᛊᛈ(2020/06/01 04:33:05)
I do agree and it's certainly not something that should be on e…
【97】Christian Henares✞ 🇪🇸(2020/06/01 04:30:58)
Hideo Kojima está muy contento con el éxito de Death Stranding -
【96】leda and her swans(2020/06/01 04:30:55)
- Death Stranding - By Danny Ingrassia
【95】Guts(2020/06/01 04:29:24)
رائي غير محبوب انا حبيت لعبه death stranding و مستعد اختمها مرا ثانيه
【94】あかつき(2020/06/01 04:28:04)
これから放送します!! 起きてる方は、雑談の相手をしていただければ幸いですw ちょっとパシフィックリムについても話そうかな? ギレルモ監督作品なので デスストランディング DEATH STRANDING …
【93】Latara Vanhandel(2020/06/01 04:26:33)
What about death stranding ?
【92】ZixXixCix Mods for Skyrim SE(2020/06/01 04:26:16)
The Terrible Problem With Skyrim's Magic (And Why Death Stranding's Is G... via
【91】JAI-RHUM(2020/06/01 04:24:43)
Spiderman , death stranding et prochainement Ghost of Tsushima et The last of us 2 . Et si…
【89】Marcos Vicente (iCronos Games)(2020/06/01 04:18:39)
Gears 4 é muito mais bonito. Mas, entre esse Xbox do Gears 5 e o PS do Death Stranding, o PS é mais bonito, DK. Valeu!
【87】The Real JC Denton(2020/06/01 04:17:28)
The best open-world games of this generation are Breath of the Wild, Death Stranding, Gravity Rush 2, and Metal Gear Solid V
【86】Zotro, el pilar del llanto🇮🇨(2020/06/01 04:15:37)
El temazo de don't be so serious de Low roar que suena en el Death stranding me tiene intensita la verdad
【85】Mirel David(2020/06/01 04:08:51)
-Tú te puedes ir a otra parte -Death Stranding es una joya Sony le da de comer y tú no...
【84】Akai(2020/06/01 04:07:42)
Asylums for the Feeling - Death Stranding (2019, PS4) Performers: Silent Poets Vocals: Leila Adu Writers: Leila Adu, Michiharu…
【83】DaviDoBacon(2020/06/01 04:01:54)
⚡EPISÓDIO NOVO NO AR⚡ ✔Death Stranding versão Correios ✔Riot e Kojima paquerando ✔Funko e Playstation em parceria ✔PS4…
【82】Galxy_Zockt2(2020/06/01 04:01:29)
Bin Live Zocke jetzt das ende von Death Stranding kommt vorbei.
【81】On an acid trip(2020/06/01 04:00:55)
I like Hideo Kojima but to be honest in between Death Stranding and Borderlands I would play Borderlands
【80】Zac Coffman-Magaha(2020/06/01 04:00:51)
Alright.... don't understand the hype behind Death Stranding.
【79】MisterPɪxᴇʟ👾(2020/06/01 04:00:32)
Au point même d'avoir alloué une partie des équipes sur Death Stranding et sûrement une…
【78】Christian Lipp(2020/06/01 03:58:41)
Death Stranding?
【77】elias santos #Not2013(2020/06/01 03:55:43)
E vc falo dos estúdios da Microsoft o único com menos de 100 funcionáriosé o the compulsion…
【76】penguş tüyşovalyesi(2020/06/01 03:55:43)
Death Stranding çok güzel oyun yaa.
【75】Giulia(2020/06/01 03:47:58)
I'll never be good at Death Stranding bc Cliff (Mads) could kill me thousands of times and i'll say "thank you, do it again"
【71】Матушка(2020/06/01 03:43:02)
Death Stranding 😂👍
【70】Thor Jingles(2020/06/01 03:42:57)
Got my platinum trophy for Death Stranding today. Thank you for makin…
【69】uVe Games(2020/06/01 03:42:49)
Finalizado Death Stranding. Un título como este solo puede suceder si se le da carta blanca a un genio loco como Kojima. N…
【68】Geralt do River(2020/06/01 03:40:31)
Se Death Stranding fosse um filme (e é quase um), seria uma mistura de Death Stranding com Mr. Robo…
【67】Mohamed Sadiq(2020/06/01 03:40:08)
نبي نعرف مصدر الالهام والكرييتف بروسيس الخاصة بلعبة Death Stranding، من أغرب الالعاب اللي شوفتها
【66】Carlos Long eggs(2020/06/01 03:39:55)
Mejor esta que la del death stranding
【65】George(2020/06/01 03:36:48)
My brother in law keeps lending me PS4 games I’m not interested in lol. In the last month he’s given me death stra…
【64】evil200x(2020/06/01 03:35:27)
Me pareceria mejor esa trama para un juego que death stranding
【63】cloridrato de fluoxetina(2020/06/01 03:33:14)
Death Stranding ganha versão Correios feita por fã
【62】Y. Tanigawa🦊(2020/06/01 03:32:50)
\PC版『 ・フォロー&RTで応募完了 ・応募〆切は6/4(木)18:00 イ…
【61】むむすけ@登録者1000人行くぞ!!(2020/06/01 03:32:28)
これから放送します!! 起きてる方は、雑談の相手をしていただければ幸いですw ちょっとパシフィックリムについても話そうかな? ギレルモ監督作品なので デスストランディング DEATH STRANDING…
【60】pane(2020/06/01 03:30:22)
mudei de ideia e agora to vendo death stranding e o kojima CITA KOBO ABEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE…
【59】timoth.y(2020/06/01 03:30:10)
Ha sido una semana muy pesada, he tenido 4 trabajos para esta semana, y recien he terminado, casi no procrastino pe…
【57】NxLiiFe(2020/06/01 03:29:35)
Hey Yong. I've been following you since the MGS analysis days. I love your content, its my daily fix, so t…
【56】Nick M(2020/06/01 03:28:41)
Hideo Kojima: Death Stranding Performance Is A Success To Work On New Games, Denounces Rumors Of Acquisition For Metal G…
【55】Gomez(2020/06/01 03:27:59)
Death Stranding e Watchmen (HBO), duas obras de 2019 que basicamente previram o que tá rolando agora em 2020. Não s…
【54】Backraft 3000(2020/06/01 03:27:21)
Jouez à death stranding lol.
【53】Maike André(2020/06/01 03:27:08)
UNREALWINS played DEATH STRANDING (PS4) in the last 24 hours
【52】Supernova(2020/06/01 03:23:24)
Kojima ya está trabajando en un nuevo proyecto, y afirma que Death Stranding fue un éxito https…
【50】monia 🏳️‍🌈(2020/06/01 03:21:37)
«Persone di tutto il mondo sono connesse online, ma tutto quello che fanno quando giocano è uccidere altri giocatori o com…
【49】X JAPAN さん(2020/06/01 03:19:56)
本当にほしい!!!(^^♪ 1名だと当たるかわからないけれど 当た…
【48】🕹 UK Dazarus 🔥 🕹 OG_NLG WDFC GAMING BG4G(2020/06/01 03:18:58)
What is up gaming community! Please check out my video where I highlight EBB Software and their crazy outlandish …
【47】Professor(2020/06/01 03:18:27)
Are we ready to admit Death Stranding was overhyped?
【46】Sam Bridges(2020/06/01 03:17:55)
【45】Snaakos(2020/06/01 03:16:11)
The last of us , Days Gone , Uncharted , God of War et Death Stranding
【44】Centurion1307(2020/06/01 03:15:25)
What is up gaming community! Please check out my video where I highlight EBB Software and their crazy outlandish…
【43】J(2020/06/01 03:15:01)
dbh.... death stranding..... au.....
【40】IT'S A DEATH CULT(2020/06/01 03:11:45)
I'm glad Death Stranding came out WAY before COVID hit because I don't want to think about the videogames theorist…
【38】SpazioGames.it(2020/06/01 03:07:28)
«Persone di tutto il mondo sono connesse online, ma tutto quello che fanno quando giocano è uccidere altri giocator…
【37】Kongojira(2020/06/01 03:06:39)
Un seul impossible. Voici mes 4 jeux à faire Spec Ops : The line MGS V ( pour l'explosion du 4 mur)…
【35】The Cappalorian(2020/06/01 03:01:25)
Been a good year for Platinum trophies so far; •Dragonball Z: Kakarot •Phoenix Wright Trilogy •Gran Blue Fantasy…
【34】CHUNGUICIENTA(2020/06/01 02:59:13)
DEATH STRANDING El mejor de los Grandes Mensajeros ( Has conseguido todos los trofeos de
【33】Славочка Мезенцев(2020/06/01 02:58:37)
А у вас давно плойка? Может вы просто такую игру купили? От Days Gone она взлетает, от Death Stranding…
【32】Philtheforce91(2020/06/01 02:55:59)
Death stranding playthrough Part 2 via
【31】Borgar the Crazed(2020/06/01 02:55:15)
I'm calling it now: if there's ever VR for Death Stranding you'll be able to pee there for real
【30】Karl 🐢(2020/06/01 02:53:03)
I had a dream that I was playing Death Stranding but it's so expensive everywhere 😅 thought I found a bargain until…
【29】🤠(2020/06/01 02:52:05)
to to będzie tak długie jak death stranding XD
【27】Enrique García(2020/06/01 02:49:36)
Death Stranding IRL
【26】Ri // ↓18 days - TLoUii(2020/06/01 02:48:17)
I was but the reviewers indirectly gave their impressions and they were positive. But anyways I don't care…
【25】Divan Greedy(2020/06/01 02:47:44)
Decima ??? Lol keep dreaming and bring shit from ass You guy…
【24】Rich(2020/06/01 02:46:30)
Death Stranding Review: The Great Delivery
【23】Jonny Boy(2020/06/01 02:45:49)
Check out my broadcast from my PlayStation 4!
【21】Josbelto(2020/06/01 02:44:13)
death stranding é uma obra de arte
【20】𝐀 𝐋 𝐃 𝐎 𝐑 𝐎 𝐌 𝐎(2020/06/01 02:41:34)
Death Stranding - PC Ultrawide Support Showcase 2 Trailer
【19】🇯🇲RA UBI🇵🇷(2020/06/01 02:41:31)
And if they get hurt are we supposed to help them? Bro idk this is a very convo about self hated etc etc…
【17】German Aceituno(2020/06/01 02:38:52)
Kojima es un poco mitomano. Death Stranding era su gran proyecto, ahora no lo es. Dijo que se iba a dedic…
【16】Verdict(2020/06/01 02:37:22)
Yuuuuuuuup! Death Stranding this Tuesday baby!!!
【13】David García-navas(2020/06/01 02:35:22)
Las canciones que se hicieron para death stranding son temazos
【12】Rectify Gaming(2020/06/01 02:35:12)
Hideo Kojima: Death Stranding Performance Is A Success To Work On New Games, Denounces Rumors Of Acquisition For Me…
【11】Cem Ay #ReleaseTheSnyderCut(2020/06/01 02:33:35)
Merak ettiğim tek bir şey var. Troy Baker, Death Stranding için mocap sırasında Lea Seydoux ile Norman Reedus’un yüzün…
【10】no longer a subnormal(2020/06/01 02:32:49)
【8】real justus (not bot)(2020/06/01 02:31:12)
This is my ear to switch before death stranding is a perfect example of 30.
【7】Sarah C.(2020/06/01 02:29:15)
I've been feeling the itch lately to go back and watch a Death Stranding playthrough. Any recommendations on a You…
【5】td🧊(2020/06/01 02:26:17)
Death Stranding is the stand out game of this gen. Control fire to definitely in my top 25.
【3】Mr Monches the 21st(2020/06/01 02:24:31)
Hands down Death Stranding
【2】Paulo Neto(2020/06/01 02:23:33)
Deixei de crias expectativas sobre esse tipo de jogo depois de Death Stranding, aguardar pra ver uma gam…
【1】Daniel(2020/06/01 02:23:12)
Después de Death Stranding (MEGA FIASCO) ya no espero nada de este señor.