【100】⚜️ GO Saints ⚜️(2019/11/12 20:57:00)
Big time wake up call it looked like one of those games where Sean wanted to win but if he lost it…
【99】jek speknek(2019/11/12 20:57:00)
Why is it so hard to inherently separate the beliefs of the author from the beliefs of characters in their work? You focus…
【98】morgan(2019/11/12 20:57:00)
I cant sleep bc its cjs first day at work and i just rly want it to go well for him ❤️ im sending positive vibes
【97】Rohman Griezmann(2019/11/12 20:57:00)
The ratings of Milan players against Juventus. Do you agree ? 📸
【96】nisaaa(2019/11/12 20:57:00)
seeing u smile is the only thing i ever want to see, even if it's not because of me
【95】Patricia Hardman ♀️🏁 #SexNotGender(2019/11/12 20:57:00)
Wow, as awful as it is for anyone to meet such an end, where is women's day of rememb…
【94】Laamipo(2019/11/12 20:57:00)
It’s on you to make your friends respect your partner.
【93】мαℓєєα(2019/11/12 20:57:00)
the only collab that matters lol “mean it” w our boy nov 14 xx
【92】Kee(2019/11/12 20:57:00)
When we expected a oct/nov BTS comeback but didn't get it so we made a MOTS P comeback instead. ARMYYYYYYY…
【91】That Fox Guy 🦊(2019/11/12 20:57:00)
I can’t believe I’m still up at this hour. But the pleasant news as of an hour ago, that the looks pret…
【90】𝕯𝖊𝖓𝖎𝖘𝖊 💛(2019/11/12 20:57:00)
So i spent the last two years saving money and putting it in my account in Portugal! And today i went to check how much i had…
【89】George Greenland(2019/11/12 20:57:00)
A pigeon just shat on me. Does it blend in with my khaki jacket you ask? No it doesn’t.
【88】father your dads(2019/11/12 20:57:00)
A woman and two of her friends got detained for wearing masks and throwing molotov coctails to her husband's shop in Amasya…
【87】Clover🍀💜💜💜💜💜💜💜(2019/11/12 20:57:00)
Fu€k it! I’m stepping out for a break from this long a$$ meeting to buy MOTSP again! I can forgo coffee this week, our…
【86】Eric F(2019/11/12 20:57:00)
Left-wing zealots have often been prepared to ride roughshod over due process and basic considerations of fairness when t…
【85】Evemaria様。(いゔまりあ)(2019/11/12 20:57:00)
「安全なサイトの見分け方を教えて」 「ない。お前のITリテラシー次第」 「そんなばかな。何か見分け方があるだろ」 「では初対面の人がいい人か悪い人かを見分けるにはどうしたらいい」 「人生経験を積むしかない」 「それだ」
【84】BagLook.com(2019/11/12 20:57:00)
Like and share this pure awesomeness! Click to get it home!!!
【83】BK The Artist🎨(2019/11/12 20:57:00)
God got me, this fine work out just how it’s supposed to 🤞🏾
【82】☄Moonchild☄(2019/11/12 20:57:00)
【81】teab(2019/11/12 20:57:00)
done, dm me it
【80】The National(2019/11/12 20:57:00)
Ignoring it won't make it go away 🙄
【79】drey asanion(2019/11/12 20:57:00)
“Nobody looks good in their darkest hours. But it’s those hours that make us what we are.” — Karen Marie Moning, Faefever
【78】pushpulljlm(2019/11/12 20:57:00)
The REASON all Trump roads lead to Moscow is that Trump is so deeply beholden to Putin that he can’t afford to cross his (to…
【77】Maxine Andrea(2019/11/12 20:57:00)
I need that (iphone) for shooting vids and stuffs 😭 my parents can't afford it tho. 😭 it's always bee…
【76】리나💜BTS🌱(2019/11/12 20:57:00)
Click the link, like the article, stay for a minute so it can trend. Spread
【75】Carbon Charter(2019/11/12 20:57:00)
Don't let YOUR organisation miss out! The
【74】❤️🍭❤️(2019/11/12 20:57:00)
Most memorable thing in 2019 for Momo is TWICE dome tour and she would like to do dome tour again in 2020. It's not impossibl…
【73】Garrett Bridges(2019/11/12 20:57:00)
It looks like a parody when it's side-by-side like that.
【72】Liquid Gold Mama(2019/11/12 20:57:00)
I love how honest you’re being about it cause that’s a fear I have (me & my therapist are working on it though 😅). Why…
【71】rtmachine(2019/11/12 20:57:00)
So Nice your seeing it twice. So wrong it's right. So tight you cant fight. Pump it loser, Get Weak.
【70】Jessica Mulholland(2019/11/12 20:56:59)
Yes we’ve received it, our server has been hacked. Please delete it 👍🏻
【69】Glenn Ulman(2019/11/12 20:56:59)
Biden: Nobody Says You Can Have A Magazine With 100 Clips In It For once, crazy Joe is right..Nobody EVER said that...what…
【68】Graeme(2019/11/12 20:56:59)
Remember it well. I was 10 years old running amongst the rubbish with an airgun shooting at the rats!! Imagine the snowfla…
【67】Bottom Bitch(2019/11/12 20:56:59)
The cop being black was convenient. Basically they took a black lives matter discussion and turned it on i…
【66】SYAFIQ HASHIM(2019/11/12 20:56:59)
Szczesny: "Everyone knows that lately Cristiano wasn't 100% physically due to a knee problem. When a champion like him is…
【65】Bhu1(2019/11/12 20:56:59)
Don't do it. Don't. Do. It. But I am a cat!
【64】𝓓𝓸𝓹𝓮 𝓢𝓸𝓾𝓵🌹(2019/11/12 20:56:59)
But it’s not my first time ..
【63】K@tz(2019/11/12 20:56:59)
While on that matter from next year it is said that certified documents…
【62】linusworks(2019/11/12 20:56:59)
Why Yogis ( Adhyatmic & scientific reasons What is pleasantness? If body is pleas…
【61】Ś𝚝𝚛ŷ𝚔łŷ | 🏴🏳️🏴🏳️(2019/11/12 20:56:59)
‼️FAKE NEWS‼️This rumor about Kris Wu is 100% fake, plz don’t believe and share it anymore! 🤝
【60】VictorianTurkishBath(2019/11/12 20:56:59)
Help! I can't for some reason find it on Google. Does anyone know which street the Shettleston bath…
【59】Ragavendra Seegala Kusane(Raghu)(2019/11/12 20:56:59)
Andhra is a pecular state ...if we compare with Other states u people always fight for unnecessary t…
【58】Rodolfo(2019/11/12 20:56:59)
That’s right, it’s If you could go anywhere in the world for a week, where would you go?? Comment below. I…
【57】♅ 𝕽𝖎𝖌𝖊𝖑 🖤🦅 @ ng+ 💛🦌(2019/11/12 20:56:59)
it's the day
【56】Denxybel Montinola(2019/11/12 20:56:59)
Sorry cherl pero you missed the point of my tweet. I can’t reiterate. But you have your own opinion and…
【55】L. Jamecia Jackson(2019/11/12 20:56:59)
Let's imagine the world's worst guy has it in for you. Let's imagine you rob a bank, and he tells the cops after learning of…
【54】marina 🌱(2019/11/12 20:56:59)
"we don't say rising into love. there is in it the idea of the fall." but it's a predebut namjin edit …
【53】Amanda #JC4PM2019🌹#GTTO(2019/11/12 20:56:59)
The LibDems have a Racism and Homophobia problem. Now Kevin McNamara, who was standing in Thur…
【52】bgaloot(2019/11/12 20:56:59)
Dear : It's clear McCarthy & Rep are letting you down. Force them to release the "Repub…
【51】El Saiyajín(2019/11/12 20:56:59)
Look man, it's never gonna happen. I knew a guy who tried for years...
【50】@ufa Moa❤, 120519🎉😚(2019/11/12 20:56:59)
beomgyu was roleplaying a phone call with his mom with the MC 😭 🐷 : is yeonjun bothering you these days? 🐻 : i'm enduring…
【49】tobecnk(2019/11/12 20:56:59)
Correction: This photo was taken in downtown Central in Hong Kong. It is still worth sharing though. 更正︰剛才的照片攝於中環,不過還是值得分…
【48】Skylar Mower(2019/11/12 20:56:59)
Why do they have mandatory classes for my job in the morning? I work nights. Do you know how hard it is to get up at 6am now?
【47】Marverde 🕷 #ProEU 40 yrs QueueJumping(2019/11/12 20:56:59)
Leave it to me and I would make voting COMPULSORY. Enough of all this handwashing. Grrr.
【46】kayeuuuu(2019/11/12 20:56:59)
anyways none of my rants rn matter kay next quarter mag iba naman na ghap it grades nak so byebye high honors :))))
【45】LYX | 🇸🇬SG Mbb(2019/11/12 20:56:59)
Monbebe, an article written by a lawyer talked about the charges that ss can hit hsh and jde with, how ss is likely to win…
【44】Joe Notaro(2019/11/12 20:56:59)
But it was reviewed...
【43】erin(2019/11/12 20:56:59)
i’m clever and my warning was withdrawn bc my manager saved me meaning technically it didn’t even happen
【42】jlo is a fraud(2019/11/12 20:56:59)
That’s the only pronunciation of it I’ve ever heard
【41】Lou but 🍂Autumnal🍂(2019/11/12 20:56:59)
Putting it simply x
【40】god of mischief(2019/11/12 20:56:59)
before u judge me for doing something dumb keep in mind that i have one brain cell & she’s alone in there. it’s dark and scar…
【39】PS /home/break(2019/11/12 20:56:59)
It seems really weird to me that Guilfoyle is always on stage with Jr. on his book tour. Did she help write the book? Is…
【38】Queen WaseLondon(2019/11/12 20:56:59)
I'm not gonna lie and say no. But it would have to be practical.
【37】Nwaowi Juliet(2019/11/12 20:56:59)
you should make
【36】Cheeseburgers are the best food ever.(2019/11/12 20:56:59)
Just watched the Katherine Langford scene in
【35】Jay🇺🇸(2019/11/12 20:56:59)
My "canned" response: Greetings. Our focus is on reparations and a black political agenda. As long as people keep feedin…
【34】Mukunda Manjoo(2019/11/12 20:56:59)
Wowww!! Two Legends. Maestro with Creative Director. Hmmm Loving it😍
【33】Elaine Roberts(2019/11/12 20:56:59)
🍂🍁Autumn's upon us and it's time to snuggle by the fire in an armchair with a Arlette’s Story:…
【32】Dr Clive Colledge(2019/11/12 20:56:59)
Ok folks. BXP not standing in 317 Tory safe seats. Focusing instead on unseating Labour candidates in marginals. Tactica…
【31】Anxy 🍞🐝(2019/11/12 20:56:59)
If you haven't heard the preview of the song I made for Pokémon yet, you can hear it here! (And read a bit of how it all came…
【30】Words To Vote By(2019/11/12 20:56:59)
BOOK LAUNCH: Today is launch day for The final book after & It’s is a d…
【29】nicole valentinuzzi(2019/11/12 20:56:59)
“We don’t know how serious it is,” said , the director of the , a think tank in London. “Th…
【28】Valentina Sorpresa(2019/11/12 20:56:59)
Louisiana weather dropping from 70 to 35 like it then saw a state trooper
【27】fancy, oooooh(2019/11/12 20:56:59)
I hate when people feel bad and have to explain why they’re not going to college. It’s okay. Life happens. Not everyone g…
【26】Stressy & Depressy(2019/11/12 20:56:59)
It's too early in the morning for dave to be playing christmas music
【25】Call Me Lei💚(2019/11/12 20:56:59)
I have no idea why fetus bambam and jackson made this video... but I love it
【24】The Address Homes(2019/11/12 20:56:59)
Apart from the privacy and financial security it offers, owning your own is a thing of pride. Make an active effor…
【23】Seth Unmatched Wisdom Ⓥ 🇺🇸(2019/11/12 20:56:59)
This is the only defense Trump has and it’s very weak.
【22】pppffffftt hehehehe bwaaarp huhuhuhuh(2019/11/12 20:56:59)
a negligible improvement has been made. We are still watching it for the cringe.
【21】Josh Sonka(2019/11/12 20:56:59)
Kind of getting out of the heavy metal and leaning towards more alternative/punk rock. Sometimes the heavy metal is…
【20】Brett KavaGnaw(2019/11/12 20:56:59)
Does Oxford dictionary define diatribe as “pointing out a politician’s series of contradictory positions…
【19】angl(2019/11/12 20:56:59)
Everytime I smile at you Know that you're the reason behind it.
【18】Aakanksha(2019/11/12 20:56:59)
Urging to block me as I hide behind satire to abuse others. People like me misuse freedom of expression & b…
【17】All things FAB ✨(2019/11/12 20:56:59)
My first property I get I’m not moving in there and my second property I am n it won’t be in Philly 🤞🏾👍🏽✅
【16】Wes Finalle(2019/11/12 20:56:59)
It's as if you expect me to believe that the State is some kind of filthy, murderous organized crime synd…
【15】TUba(2019/11/12 20:56:59)
【14】Tomy(2019/11/12 20:56:59)
The signs and symptoms of acute hepatic porphyria (AHP) can be mistaken for those of other conditions. These misdiagnoses can…
【13】Ishant Kumar(2019/11/12 20:56:59)
1️⃣0️⃣ questions and 1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ seconds! Have you got it in you? Only one way to know! Play
【12】Robert(2019/11/12 20:56:59)
Everything on this list has been delivered or is likely to be delivered soon with the exce…
【11】Jeffrey Trammell(2019/11/12 20:56:59)
Here’s the thing: the April call — whatever it says — doesn’t erase the July call where we know Trump pressured Zelensky h…
【10】Harper Hornaday(2019/11/12 20:56:59)
False. Phone calls and meetings were recorde…
【8】Anshuk Mitra(2019/11/12 20:56:59)
Ans2) The
【7】Xabi Cathala(2019/11/12 20:56:59)
Ahah I need to be quicker at tweeting loool I hope you are enjoying…
【6】my name is not shay(2019/11/12 20:56:59)
this year changed me more than i thought it would.
【5】ً(2019/11/12 20:56:59)
i am immensely proud & glad to be on this journey with you. i hope you continue gaining achievements & further success bc…
【4】#MONSTAX7 - check my header and 📌(2019/11/12 20:56:59)
【3】SUNSHINE(2019/11/12 20:56:59)
fuck it pug vibing to luke hemmings beautiful vocals
【2】#DoomedSoulofaGoodSis 🏁(2019/11/12 20:56:59)
Raise your hand if you're 100% sure that, if trump releases a transcript this week, it'll be 100% doctored.
【1】Stonekeeper(2019/11/12 20:56:59)
Lyndsey also said it was dead on arrival without whistle blower Call Tra…