【100】Hank Anderson🧢🖖(2020/05/29 17:08:55)
advice to dateless boys. If a girl blocks you or rejects you don't spend weeks grousing about it on twitter. Don't even…
【99】ً#BLM.(2020/05/29 17:08:55)
hopefully this is nothing too serious but this person started to follow me and a lot of people from my gc so i just wanted to l…
【98】Barry Morrison(2020/05/29 17:08:55)
Tenner if you tweet a pic of you in it smiling.... And pissing on a pars shirt....u can pixel out ur member.👍
【97】Emily(2020/05/29 17:08:55)
“blue lives” do not matter because they do not exist. being a police officer is a CHOICE, not an unchanging aspect of yo…
【96】Devonte Stewart(2020/05/29 17:08:55)
Today, someone asked me, "What happened to peaceful protest?" The answer is: It didn't work.
【95】Eileen Turner(2020/05/29 17:08:55)
They are all MPs or people in powerful positions. They should be just as open to criticism a…
【94】💚🧪(2020/05/29 17:08:55)
Omg they HID it. if twitter don’t work tomorrow we know why.
【93】Kerry Gascoyne(2020/05/29 17:08:55)
I best keep it on a lead then!
【92】NewSingleBrandNew(2020/05/29 17:08:55)
We worship God NOT because He needs it - We worship God because we need it.
【91】The Wash 🇺🇸 KAG/Hippie(2020/05/29 17:08:55)
Minneapolis Fire Department says it responded to 30 arson incidents last night. They confirm what reporters on the ground sa…
【90】thatBITCH(2020/05/29 17:08:55)
It’s dangerous to have people around you that envy you. They look at you as competition while you look at them as family/frie…
【89】Oladips Records(2020/05/29 17:08:55)
There’s also a very cool dance competition that is running where you could win yourself some cash 💰🥳✨. Please…
【88】Jeffrey Rondeau(2020/05/29 17:08:55)
【87】ksn1974(2020/05/29 17:08:55)
Chaos broke loose in Minneapolis, but this man decided it was time for a little cardio session after a Planet Fitness g…
【86】chelsie(2020/05/29 17:08:55)
if i tell you my problems, it means that i trust you
【85】veronica👑(2020/05/29 17:08:55)
I saw this one on fb and it was too powerful
【84】Pakshal Sanghvi(2020/05/29 17:08:55)
The Premier League has confirmed kick off times for all matches once it restarts: Monday: 8pm Tuesday: 6pm, 8pm Wednesday…
【83】Dorothy Brown(2020/05/29 17:08:55)
George Floyd still at the front of my mind Feel like it would be a great time for all the organisations and brands tha…
【82】V Æ K-21(2020/05/29 17:08:55)
george floyd was not resisting arrest. this video got taken down, please spread it
【81】Manoj Indian.(2020/05/29 17:08:55)
【80】SamSoo That's Okay🌵(2020/05/29 17:08:55)
Wait, what?!? The Crawfords collab writing in one song! 💯 Check it now, fam. Kuya
【79】abi ✿(2020/05/29 17:08:55)
FUCK derek chauvin
【78】DS_NZ(2020/05/29 17:08:54)
【77】Barlinnie_West(2020/05/29 17:08:54)
It is the so large pinches of salt called for.
【76】jammy(2020/05/29 17:08:54)
They created their own Wall Street were they didn’t have to depend on YT ppl and that’s exactly why it got burned down.…
【75】MT(2020/05/29 17:08:54)
The ACLU has an app where you can record an incident and quickly upload it to them easily. Just downloade…
【74】ΛИGEL¹¹ #BLM(2020/05/29 17:08:54)
literally gets praised for being a stan acc, she’s white and isn’t using her platform to speak on blac…
【73】Linda Krief(2020/05/29 17:08:54)
is going down. Pelosi can't save him anymore.
【72】Mohd Shahid(2020/05/29 17:08:54)
My congratulations to on inaugurating the Kondapochamma Sagar project. It is a big step towards ensuring reli…
【71】🤠Biggie👽Cheese☠️(2020/05/29 17:08:54)
It's 4 AM rn, anyone in the area got pics?
【70】michela(2020/05/29 17:08:54)
leeteuk: "i love it when yesung eats well" same teukie, im glad yesung's eating well 😭💖
【69】GAB(2020/05/29 17:08:54)
not only is it prevalent in the Asian community, but the Pilipinx community is buried with the issues of anti-blackness. it’s…
【68】Madame X(2020/05/29 17:08:54)
She has 4 black kids.. um? And the person that has died was black.... make it make sense. Maybe David wa…
【67】City of Joburg(2020/05/29 17:08:54)
It's go time, our first ever virtual Council meeting is currently in session. Join us as Councillors gather online…
【66】sae(2020/05/29 17:08:54)
what is your favourite painting? this is mine, The Floor Scrapers by Caillebotte. nearly cried seeing it in Paris, still not s…
【65】lucky(2020/05/29 17:08:54)
ACTUAL PRACTICING DOCTOR HERE: I’ve seen a thread that details how to treat a bullet wound but there is some inaccurate…
【64】𝗷𝗮𝗴🅰🅰𝗱𝗲𝗲𝘀𝗵 ㋡(2020/05/29 17:08:54)
2 Days More For Advance Birthday Trend ⚡ Be Active & Make It Huge 🔥 ❤️
【63】Liz Andrade ♡(2020/05/29 17:08:54)
My mama told me today, “When you getting your shit together it get lonely. But choose growth over company” & I’ll never f…
【62】{{{{{{{{{{{{e}}}}}}}}}}}}(2020/05/29 17:08:54)
Las Vegas is a horrendous nightmare plane in which only awful things exist but also I can get blackout drunk at slo…
【61】João Massano 🧠(2020/05/29 17:08:54)
The so-called "leader of the free world" has a leadership/diplomacy playbook of his own 😳 you should…
【59】Classic FM 97.3(2020/05/29 17:08:54)
It's still
【58】Celeste GENERALSTRIKE Holms🌹(2020/05/29 17:08:54)
It is estimated that the Boston Tea Party, the riot that gave birth to this country, resulted in .7 million dollars (in…
【57】Tired Pebble at work(2020/05/29 17:08:54)
Even if you seperate growth from accumulation (which makes no sense), it has still been a major fea…
【56】Al(2020/05/29 17:08:54)
“it’s a shame that our fathers and mothers are being killed and we can’t even see them anymore”
【55】gillian(2020/05/29 17:08:54)
I didn’t look at how many mg of ibuprofen I was taking and it was ibuprofen 800 and I took 2 🥴
【54】Elaine Hudek(2020/05/29 17:08:54)
If you're not careful
【53】𝙲𝚊𝚝𝚊ᵈᵉˡⁱᵍʰᵗت︎(2020/05/29 17:08:54)
【52】Tanu⁷⟭⟬ #AD2 #SourCandy(2020/05/29 17:08:54)
if u think tweeting to help an underprivileged community being stigmatised based on the colour of their skin & targeted not…
【51】Sandie Smith(2020/05/29 17:08:54)
Weaponize? History lesson: Democrats were in the minority for the Russia Investigation — it was a GOP-led investigation th…
【50】SALTWATERWAX Quarantined(2020/05/29 17:08:54)
Twitter/atjack knows he has the upper hand. Trump needs it. The fact that they just told him to go f*ck…
【49】Fessa🦋(2020/05/29 17:08:54)
Dear Guys, Don't let anyone make you believe there are no more girls that would love you and be loyal/faithful to you. It i…
【48】Gogontle(2020/05/29 17:08:54)
Cooking is only fun when 1. Nobody tells you to do it & 2. When nobody is in the kitchen with you
【47】NASH(2020/05/29 17:08:54)
To be fair, it wasn’t many bytes
【46】it's alright(2020/05/29 17:08:54)
Irene said Seulgi usually doesn’t know the lyrics but she can still sing it as if it’s right 🤣🤣🤣 Seulgi: I’m good at cha…
【45】Danae 🧚🏼‍♀️✨(2020/05/29 17:08:54)
Stop praising white people for supporting blm. It should be expected.
【44】Ryuk Sullivan(2020/05/29 17:08:54)
This my 8 year old son. My son has been getting bullied for his height. We’d appreciate it if y’all could support cashapp…
【43】Brian(2020/05/29 17:08:54)
um.. kim, kylie, kendall, and khloe bby why y’all so quiet?? y’all gobble up black culture like it’s thanksgiving, got all…
【42】🌸Spring Niggueur®(2020/05/29 17:08:54)
No more explaining 2020 figure it out or fuck off .
【40】🧸🌸(2020/05/29 17:08:54)
When black people say "If you like it I love it" they don't even like it.
【39】grace pettigrew(2020/05/29 17:08:54)
As is standard with this notice, engagements with the Tweet will be limited. People will be able to Retweet with Comment…
【38】ALVIN(2020/05/29 17:08:54)
I swear I be wanting to slap fake educated people like this. Shut the hell up with science. The old racist white pe…
【37】ari(2020/05/29 17:08:54)
[TRANS] 200528 Youngjae’s IG update “💚
【36】Lee Lemmons(2020/05/29 17:08:54)
Tony lays it out.....the globalization agenda.
【35】Anna Wong(2020/05/29 17:08:54)
4/ Joshua said that the breaches the premise of the Sino-British Joint declaration, a bilateral agreement that was regist…
【34】Barry Pearson(2020/05/29 17:08:54)
"Covid-19 news: England test and trace system not 'fully operational'" (Latest coronavirus…
【33】Rhea 🍒(2020/05/29 17:08:54)
I’m playing elephant skeleton while being on the most boring zoom lecture ever and it’s made handling st…
【32】ᵇˡᵐ go生(2020/05/29 17:08:54)
the made it “top priority” because of the things being destroyed not because george was murdered
【31】Jim Strebbing(2020/05/29 17:08:54)
Fauci Now Says Second Wave ‘Not Inevitable’
【30】⚡️Wulf⚡️(2020/05/29 17:08:54)
no offense but the phrase “when the looting starts, the shooting starts” is one of the most fucking terrifying phrases…
【29】Prateek Verma(2020/05/29 17:08:54)
It's high time now! Please listen to us.. We don't trust college authorities!! We cannot!stop this hypocrisy! @…
【28】Mariana🦒(2020/05/29 17:08:54)
isn’t it weird how a woman who aborts a clump of cells is considered a murderer but a cop who kneels on a mans neck until…
【27】Lancashire Social(2020/05/29 17:08:54)
This House is a timely, moving and funny insight into the workings of British politics by James Graham (Ink, ITV’s Qui…
【26】Kathy(2020/05/29 17:08:54)
So as a penis endowed, prostate haver, semen container, you thought…
【25】*Alison*Yoga2*(2020/05/29 17:08:54)
It is only leaving his job. It will still be around giving orders speaking its hate. Items like cummi…
【24】🐻; MXMB(2020/05/29 17:08:54)
We are falling down more. I just voted with 7 accounts. It took 15 or so minutes. Please vote with as many accounts as…
【23】Parvaneh Angus(2020/05/29 17:08:54)
It’s like all those apocalypses we missed in those other years merged to form 2020
【22】Paper Cowboy(2020/05/29 17:08:54)
Haha. It's good isn't it.
【21】🌹⭐️AKIKO⭐️🌹 Wonho💞(2020/05/29 17:08:54)
educate yourselves about racism. don't just wait for other people to educate you. click the hashtags. research about it. an…
【20】Mim ☪️(2020/05/29 17:08:54)
True. But it requires a lot of time/hardwork, not something any average Muslim can do
【19】Bliss🌺(2020/05/29 17:08:54)
Love to see it ✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿
【18】🇭🇹the mf shit(2020/05/29 17:08:54)
im also seeing alot of black influencers not speaking on what’s going on because it don’t fit the “aesthetic” of their page…
【17】Drabhat(2020/05/29 17:08:54)
I love this mechanic because imagine this: You beat a silver or golden lynel and they drop a savage lynel…
【16】BLACK LIVES MATTER⁷(2020/05/29 17:08:54)
Romanians keeping the "bag pula n porci si bulangi" agenda We love to see it
【15】Charlotte - The Vault Hunter(2020/05/29 17:08:54)
Unlikable fanbase or not, I've always felt a love for the wacky setting of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. I know fourth part…
【14】𝙞𝙧𝙞𝙨 ☾(2020/05/29 17:08:54)
it's so much more than a trend however kpop stans came up with multiple different hashtags for wonho for over a week so I…
【13】rainy☆ 🔜 OTAKUBALOO 5/30 4PM PST(2020/05/29 17:08:54)
oh dang, license is only valid for 60 days though? or does that mean you have 60 days to activate it
【12】Serg(2020/05/29 17:08:54)
she has such a beautiful and interesting heart of pubic hair. it's so cute.
【11】C O L D H E A R T(2020/05/29 17:08:54)
Throw on a hat. Bend the brim and keep it LOW. Don’t throw up gang signs or any identifying signs to your group or orga…
【10】Corvus Fox(2020/05/29 17:08:54)
Exhaust. Let the noise out properly 👍🏼 You say it's at stage 2 with supporting mods, what's it already had done?
【9】gustaf rn(2020/05/29 17:08:54)
【8】Mukesh Dass(2020/05/29 17:08:54)
In Rigved Mandal no. 9 sukt 54 mantra 3 , it's clearly written that lord kabir is the Creator…
【7】ドクター㌠(2020/05/29 17:08:54)
It's Birdie Week on Discovery Channel! Preview of an interior piece from the 2020 Street Fighter Swimsuit Special - Chun-L…
【6】Mo 💜💛(2020/05/29 17:08:54)
thank god they’re bringing in the army...i would be heartbroken if someone disabled a tank by putting water balloons filled w…
【5】Just Xeno 😳(2020/05/29 17:08:54)
Twitter is really asking for it. Now they hiding trumps tweets. He gonna do another executive order!
【4】Cathy(2020/05/29 17:08:54)
“Sometimes it’s not the devil, it’s the decision.” - Keith Tucker
【3】👁 Zak Boufont 👁(2020/05/29 17:08:54)
Now would be a good moment for the government's Chief Scientist () and Chief Medical Officer to resign, m…
【2】𝚟𝚒𝚌𝚝𝚘𝚛𝚒𝚊 ☮︎︎(2020/05/29 17:08:54)
This was 1994. It’s 2020.
【1】𝓴𝓲𝔀𝓲🍪(2020/05/29 17:08:54)
I am not black and have never experienced racism, but i won't let it happen. I will not sit here and see this happe…