【100】TvolT(2019/09/16 19:22:36)
There was a pillow but Joy chose to sleep on the side of Yeri’s arm 😭💕
【99】Baba dudu 🌚(2019/09/16 19:22:36)
Happy BIRTHDAY 🎂🎁🎉 Wishing you a day filled with happiness and a year filled with joy 🎈🎈🎈 😘🥰 …
【98】まめ(2019/09/16 19:22:36)
【ONE PIECE最新ゲームRTキャンペーン!】 抽選で5名様にワンピースグッズ詰め合わせと 9/30(月)まで! ①このアカウントをフォロー! ②このツイートをRT…
【97】Jonathan Leeman(2019/09/16 19:22:36)
Awesome! Hard, but good. You see God's wisdom in all the sacrifices and trouble and joy, no?
【96】SEULGI(2019/09/16 19:22:34)
[PRESS] 190916 ICN to ZHR
【95】Winter Goddess Bae Joohyun ❄️❄️❄️(2019/09/16 19:22:34)
i say this on a daily basis but damn joy is so beautiful its sickening
【94】珊瑚@クレイジーキンプリRTマシーン(2019/09/16 19:22:32)
【93】Eumizaide(2019/09/16 19:22:32)
Usto ko chicken joy with palabok & peach mango pie :( JollySKY ForJollibee
【92】@itsfyngal #Seyiforce(2019/09/16 19:22:31)
Seyi is still in the house, oh what Joy. I invite haters to go ahead and troll, I'm too happy to pay any attention today…
【91】ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ 𝗶𝗰𝗲 𝗯𝗲𝗮𝗿 𝘀𝗮𝘆𝘀 อุมผ่ะ ft.midterm(2019/09/16 19:22:31)
190916 인천공항
【90】sylvia(2019/09/16 19:22:30)
He is my joy, my righteousness and freedom My steadfast love, my deep and boundless peace To this I hold, my hope i…
【89】Paul RC 🇳🇬(2019/09/16 19:22:29)
Grace is transferable. Receive a higher level of spiritual authority, and with it promotion in every area of life. Thrash…
【88】ジョニーは荒野をめざす(2019/09/16 19:22:27)
【86】Scott and Melissa(2019/09/16 19:22:27)
Joy Reid Responds To Trump's Attacks By Listing All The Impeachable Offenses He Has Committed vi…
【84】ANGEL KP CALARO(2019/09/16 19:22:24)
reuniting with ur cuzzos is a different level of joy .
【83】L(2019/09/16 19:22:22)
Joy Red Velvet SUNMI Sandara 2NE1 Taeh…
【82】Peachie(2019/09/16 19:22:21)
"Do whatever it is you need to do to find your joy". ❤ - Bonnie.
【81】buloy(2019/09/16 19:22:21)
Happy birthday to the funniest most creative person there is: She’s a beau-tuber, a dog mom, a salon own…
【80】クリスチャン・ストレスキ 🔞(26)(2019/09/16 19:22:20)
Thank you for all the lovely birthday wishes. It really has been a great honor and true joy getting to know so many fascina…
【79】退(2019/09/16 19:22:20)
あれ? リーダーはチャイナさんじゃないんですか?
【78】I'msurfing2u(Follow Back 100%)(2019/09/16 19:22:19)
🌄Good morning my dear friends☕ 😇" Dear GOD, thanks 4 waking me up 2 experience another blessed day with new hope & joy. Than…
【77】hope world enthusiast❤️🌍(2019/09/16 19:22:19)
just happiness and pure joy painted on joonie’s face :( a precious baby
【75】Madeline(2019/09/16 19:22:18)
I pray greater grace, peace and joy than anything that is stressing you out in the name of Jesus! Let every frustration an…
【74】SKYE 🐕🌻(2019/09/16 19:22:18)
"You do a million little things that bring to joy to my life." Isa Pa With Feelings October16
【73】ReadingIsOurPassion #RIOP(2019/09/16 19:22:18)
Just for today, I'm going to stop worrying about getting a book written/edited/perfect/sold. Instead, I'm going to enjoy t…
【72】Roseanne C. Rafael(2019/09/16 19:22:17)
magnanakaw ng jollibee chicken joy iyong aso ko 😭😭😭 ugh fave ko pa naman yon bwiset na yan! di ko magawang magalit sa aso huhuhuhuhuhuhu
【70】OYO4U(2019/09/16 19:22:17)
As checked our team have connected with you in regards to your concern and provided you needful re…
【69】LadyShinobi 🚂 💨 💨(2019/09/16 19:22:16)
Hang in there, you bring a little joy to peoples lives every day. Fight on... with humor !
【68】OHMYJOY👸🏾💕(2019/09/16 19:22:16)
I used to follow them since they started on insta and now look how far they’ve come 😢
【67】ちぉこび(2019/09/16 19:22:14)
【66】Sheila O'Flanagan(2019/09/16 19:22:13)
Always a joy to be on the list with great writers! And thanks to everyone 4 months on for keeping Roxy's story in t…
【65】another(2019/09/16 19:22:13)
모델둥 미쳤다 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
【63】スーパー宇宙パワー(2019/09/16 19:22:11)
共同通信社杯は当社スポンサードの郡司浩平選手が優勝!!賞金ランキングも7位に浮上。17年ウィナーズカップ以来となる2度目のビッグ制覇です(^^)/おめでとうございます!! #郡司浩平 #enjoy…
【62】ppap(2019/09/16 19:22:11)
【61】Ruby 💜(2019/09/16 19:22:10)
📅 9.8 - 15, 2019 🏆 Best 📊Vote Plz 1.
【60】楓ふう(2019/09/16 19:22:10)
【9/15.ジョージ誕生日おめでとう】 「ファンの皆さんに支えられて、この高田馬場ジョージは、永遠に輝き続けま〜す!これからもたくさん、応援してほしいJOY!」 📱アプリで限定ストーリー公開中: …
【59】I'msurfing2u(Follow Back 100%)(2019/09/16 19:22:10)
🌄Good morning my dear friends☕ 😇"GOD'S grace, kindness & love R ever true, like sunbeams from heaven they will shine upon us…
【57】Sarah 🇭🇹(2019/09/16 19:22:09)
Take joy my King, in what you hear, Let it be a sweet, sweet sound in your ear.
【56】Makeda M(2019/09/16 19:22:09)
It is always a joy to see young people embracing our culture with enthusiasm!
【55】Joshua(2019/09/16 19:22:08)
【54】🌱(2019/09/16 19:22:07)
September Girl Group Member Brand Rankings 1 Mamamoo Hwasa 2 SNSD Taeyeon 3 Red Velvet Irene 4 SNSD Yoona 5 Apink Hayoung 6 G…
【51】FEAR(2019/09/16 19:22:05)
ฮายองบอกว่า แก๊ง 96 ไลน์มีกรุ๊ปแชทชื่อว่า "ทีม โอจองพัค" โดยมาจากนามสกุลของทั้งสามคน "โอฮายอง จองเยริน และจอย พัคซูยอง" ค่ะ 🔗…
【50】j. ☁️(2019/09/16 19:22:05)
throwback to when irene covered joy’s solos in red flavor and bad boy
【49】Alison(2019/09/16 19:22:04)
T’es le meilleur dans ce domaine 🤦🏼‍♀️😂
【48】Lisa Di Prospero(2019/09/16 19:22:04)
Happy 13th Birthday to this little bundle of joy.
【47】❄️Daniel Blake❄️ #FBPE ❄️ #VoteRemain 🎪(2019/09/16 19:22:03)
Today I'll be making donation to whilst singing 'Rule Brittania' & waving a LGBT flag. Such a lot of sad, angry peo…
【46】V93GOSPEL(2019/09/16 19:22:03)
【45】Gary Weightman(2019/09/16 19:22:01)
Another Intellectual Property thief on eBay. It's: Graphicapp Ltd Andrew Appleyard Unit 1d Denby Dale Industrial Estate Wakefi…
【43】Elle Backwoods(2019/09/16 19:22:00)
what do you have against joy?!
【42】スナっちゃん(2019/09/16 19:22:00)
Good morning dear Daria ☕️🍪💐🌹🍃💞🙋‍♀️ So cute😻💕🌸💐Thank you so much for your kindness my sweet friend💕💐🌸🌷🌹🍃Have a…
【40】vara(2019/09/16 19:21:59)
Ang vest nako murag joy, abot isang linggo😂
【39】Ponagatso ''Poni'' Ngobeni(2019/09/16 19:21:58)
We'll be forced to watch anime in Afrikaans. I can already imaging Naruto calling out to Sasuke during their fight "Sasukeeeee…
【38】たけ(2019/09/16 19:21:58)
Daily 中文 Sending The Millions of Singaporea…
【37】🛸(2019/09/16 19:21:57)
joy belmonte pa expi naman ng walang pasok
【36】Cheryl(2019/09/16 19:21:57)
No relationship is ever worth sacrificing your dignity or self respect for. Every soul is beautiful and precious,is deser…
【35】退(2019/09/16 19:21:55)
【32】can(2019/09/16 19:21:54)
【31】Cis Ⓥanilla Rose(2019/09/16 19:21:53)
Teens wanting to shame adult women still having fandom hobbies: we are sorry we are not like your mother who had to give up jo…
【27】OHMYJOY👸🏾💕(2019/09/16 19:21:50)
Makasutu, The Gambia 🇬🇲
【26】Freyja Sigurðdottir(2019/09/16 19:21:49)
Ever since you've become part of my life, my and my , everything feels right and whole…
【25】Joy(2019/09/16 19:21:49)
Zinger with rice? Panalo talaga ‘tong big, saucy, hot, at filling na KFC Zinger Steak. Try mo na! …
【24】Joy(2019/09/16 19:21:48)
【23】Ejay Johnson(2019/09/16 19:21:47)
Mighty Clouds of Joy - House Of The Lord
【22】Dr. Resume 😎(2019/09/16 19:21:47)
* Teknik Mengawal Nyamuk * ~ Tip berguna ~ Dalam Teknik Mengawal Nyamuk ini saya menggunakan cecair pencuci ping…
【21】freakyfriday(2019/09/16 19:21:47)
Crying tears of joy reading messages about how the film has resonated with you all. If you haven’t seen it 💘Go Get The Alb…
【17】namuing | ot7 🌑(2019/09/16 19:21:44)
It's so hilarious how an unplanned tag like
【16】Cyrus x(2019/09/16 19:21:44)
This Saturday gone, God led this 15 year old to an event I preached at. God carried out an incredible deliverance on her. Sh…
【15】🌺Mayada🌺(2019/09/16 19:21:44)
Waiting for S2 between fear and joy. Aziz can't let us down. Hadi 💪
【13】sowon, the idol we all look up to(2019/09/16 19:21:43)
joy, hayoung and yerin named their group chat with "ohjungpark team" based on their last name jshdhdgd …
【11】another(2019/09/16 19:21:42)
레드벨벳 조이, 시크한 공항패션으로 시선 압도 (출처 : 한국경제TV | 네이버 TV연예)
【10】Joseph Tucker(2019/09/16 19:21:42)
Rep. Waters on reports that Air Force crews stayed at Pres. Trump's hotel in Scotland: "He does not care about democracy, he doe…
【9】dhiredvelvet(2019/09/16 19:21:42)
【8】guaianazes baby(2019/09/16 19:21:42)
o spotify me enfiando cover do joy division sem do e eu amando sempr
【7】✨𝓴𝓲𝓶 𝓷𝓪𝔂𝓪 // LAGI KOBAM MARK🙃✨(2019/09/16 19:21:40)
1. Chanyeol, Sehun 2. 3. Jaehyun, TY, Jaemin, DY 4. Bambam, Jackson 5. Hyunjin, I.N 6. Soobin 7. Sana 8. Joy 9. Yoona 10. Lisa
【5】네이버◎ 정식업체 【☎O1O-4412-2369】 시크릿티켓 아이폰소액결제현금 ⓜ3678(2019/09/16 19:21:39)
신속진행 빠른입금 시크릿티켓 【 O1O-4412-2369 】 카카오톡 : 번호저장후 친추 imply 핸드폰소액결제 item 모바일소액결제 joy 휴대폰소액결제 transport 소액결제현금 enormous 정책미납 main
【4】じょい @ラ・フランス(2019/09/16 19:21:39)
【2】Robert Pegg(2019/09/16 19:21:38)
Your ability to find joy in the success of others is a direct measure of your personal success. A genuine compliment usu…
【1】BLOCK BABY🌎🖤(2019/09/16 19:21:36)
refuse to let anyone or anything take my joy or lower my spirits. life is too short.