【84】しえ(2019/03/24 06:13:02)
【83】Brian George Piper(2019/03/24 06:13:02)
【82】Mr.Express(2019/03/24 06:13:01)
今までの日本の鉄道の歴史を見ると国鉄にあたる組織の長さは大雑把に分けるとこんな感じになる 鉄道局37年 鉄道院12年 鉄道省23年 国鉄38年 JR32年 これ見るとJRはそろそろ制度見直しの時期に来てるんじゃないかなという気がする。同一の制度…
【81】Bia(2019/03/24 06:13:01)
Roupa larga e mt mais confortável e gira que roupa justa jr
【80】🐬こまひら@1日100ツイート行かないので低浮上(2019/03/24 06:12:59)
ってか最近見知らぬ人からLINEが来ては訳分からんことを言われる事が結構あるんやけどなんやねん べつにサイトに誘導しようとしてるとかでもないし... あと日本語が別の意味で通じひんし... なんの目的があんねん
【79】Agnes DeRose(2019/03/24 06:12:59)
Donald Trump ("Individual-1") is already an unindicted co-conspirator in the Southern District of New York. As Mueller's d…
【78】Kaxeta 🇧🇷(2019/03/24 06:12:59)
Preparação total para o primeiro duelo das quartas de final do Paulistão, amanhã, às 19h, contra a Ferroviária, na Arena F…
【77】ForJustice(2019/03/24 06:12:58)
JFK, Jr.....Is more handsome than that. AND would age beautiful.
【76】Shoreguy62(2019/03/24 06:12:58)
Brilliant analysis ⚫️Investigative collaboration farmed out, not over ⚫️SDNY will indicate Don Jr, Jared &…
【73】ケロッグ(2019/03/24 06:12:56)
【72】مريّم.(2019/03/24 06:12:56)
احبك،والله احاول افضى مشغوله انا مدري بايش😂
【71】Tribuna Alvinegra(2019/03/24 06:12:55)
Amanhã (Domingo, 24/03), o BOTAFOGO enfrenta o Paulis…
【70】✝ = All Lives matter❌(2019/03/24 06:12:55)
If you constantly went on TV or wrote things to mislead millions into believing Mueller was coming to arrest Trump, Jr., Ja…
【69】New girl(2019/03/24 06:12:55)
Robert Downey Jr y Scarlett Johansson ❤
【68】Funebrero adicto a estupefacientes(2019/03/24 06:12:55)
y hoy se sa
【67】MBAKU(2019/03/24 06:12:55)
Guys relax.. Sportpesa sponsored the fight.. What did you expect?
【66】Paddy bin LurQin'(2019/03/24 06:12:55)
【65】ivyy sales(2019/03/24 06:12:54)
só ele né
【64】Linnie Lea(2019/03/24 06:12:53)
【63】Milass(2019/03/24 06:12:52)
Who did this 😂😂
【62】Michael Greenspan(2019/03/24 06:12:51)
More than 7,000 of the Trump campaign’s legal expenses have been paid out to firms representing Donald Trump Jr …
【61】BurgSkeletal(2019/03/24 06:12:50)
Bill Clinton left office With a 7 billion surplus and was projected to Pay Off the debt in 10 years Bush Jr. Turne…
【60】silas jr(2019/03/24 06:12:50)
I’m to high right now to do anything but eat... ~Silas Jr
【59】Michael Streets 🇺🇸🇵🇷🏳️‍🌈(2019/03/24 06:12:48)
How did so many of you go from Mueller's got this to crying about why Don Jr & Kushner didn't get indicted? He didn't ind…
【57】Casey Wichman(2019/03/24 06:12:47)
I manage our seminars at RFF. I request suggestions (formally and informally) + my own ideas, then…
【56】SpotifyCares(2019/03/24 06:12:46)
Hmm. Could you DM us the email address on your account? We'll take a look backstage /JR
【55】Say My Name, Say My Name(2019/03/24 06:12:46)
【54】けんと@3/23:空光☆彡オフ会→24:東方上州祭(2019/03/24 06:12:45)
I'm at JR 新宿駅 - in 新宿区, 東京都
【53】Smocking Hamberder(2019/03/24 06:12:44)
Hey, stop being so mean to Alexander Britton Hume using his own words! I've always wondered…
【52】まこつんつく(2019/03/24 06:12:43)
まじか!! それは辛すぎる😭 でも鬼倍率だったよね… 私は1公演当たりました😭😭😭💕💕 泣きそう ほんとそれよ 数年でこんなに変わる?!って
【51】patriotic liberal(2019/03/24 06:12:43)
NY is good but not enough. Getting Trump in tax evasion or skimming from his charity would b…
【48】Jack Mills(2019/03/24 06:12:43)
Send this to Donald Trump Jr, go Loins!
【47】anti-matter-jr(2019/03/24 06:12:42)
$ADA I can't believe this is actually working lmao
【46】Cëlëstïnö Jr👑(2019/03/24 06:12:41)
Vai sonhar com o Panamá aí.😁😂😃😀
【45】Heart break Keys(2019/03/24 06:12:41)
It’s a possibility body on standby 😂
【44】Walid(2019/03/24 06:12:41)
Does Don Jr. understand you wouldn't give him the time of day if it weren't for his dad?
【43】あやめろ ୨୧(2019/03/24 06:12:40)
学生しか出れんやつやないか? 女子バトもあるよ出てみたい
【42】Jose Roberto Duarte(2019/03/24 06:12:40)
Anything that can go right, will go right
【41】Winter is Coming(2019/03/24 06:12:39)
Like that's not enough, they said oats with bread 😩😩
【40】Bigshots.net(2019/03/24 06:12:39)
Low Country Elite 13u’s Rashad Simmons Jr. with the nice move plus the finish in traffic.
【39】The Dave(2019/03/24 06:12:38)
Remember kids, it’s not about how long you live it’s more about how well you live.
【38】bea(2019/03/24 06:12:38)
Não preciso d mais nada se tiver os meus amigos jr
【37】Atsen John(2019/03/24 06:12:36)
【36】Heribaldo JR(2019/03/24 06:12:35)
Prazer sou modelo do é so entrar curtir a sala e vamos nos dive…
【35】محمد صفی فاروقی ~(2019/03/24 06:12:35)
【33】Heribaldo JR(2019/03/24 06:12:33)
online agora .. venha se divertir comigo
【32】Milass(2019/03/24 06:12:31)
Je savais pas qu’il y avait quelque chose de plus grand que l’univers 😨 fascinant 🌍
【31】JANE(2019/03/24 06:12:31)
I'm bitter about Jared Kushner and Donald Trump Jr., but the one indictment I was really hoping for was Donald Trump's phone.
【30】Alex Mena(2019/03/24 06:12:31)
TNT’s Kenny Smith said something stunning about Derrick Jones Jr. Here’s Jones’ response
【29】JP(2019/03/24 06:12:30)
This will happen. Because the true believers think that Trump saying for Russia to find Hillary's em…
【27】gabs(2019/03/24 06:12:28)
já tava indo banhar qnd me deparo com essa matéria mega interessante sobre o Morro da Providência e sua relação com…
【26】Mr GOAT⚡(2019/03/24 06:12:28)
Y'as pas peno
【25】Danny Catullo(2019/03/24 06:12:28)
Currently making some Odell “Bacon” Jr BLTs with the promised bacon from THE !
【24】thomaslouistre♠️(2019/03/24 06:12:27)
Dear Uninformed, washed up, talentless, actor, Your ignorance is baffling. There are close to a dozen OPEN investigatio…
【23】旅するメディア びゅうたび(2019/03/24 06:12:27)
残念、今回は【はずれ】でした😖 期間中は毎日1回応募可能!【2019/3/31 16:00まで】 4種類のはずれリプライを全てリツイートしてWチャンスに挑戦! JRで行く伊豆奥下田 観音温泉🚃…
【22】Linnie Lea(2019/03/24 06:12:26)
Boat -The Wedding- F/RT/FB …
【21】ももぺん(2019/03/24 06:12:25)
【告知】 ◆3月25日(月)15:00〜 ◇JR板橋駅 西口 党代表 枝野幸男( )が板橋の皆さんに会いに来ます! お誘い合わせの上、是非お越しください。
【20】Just Call Me Mester(2019/03/24 06:12:24)
Jr for 2 lmfaoooo
【19】みつる(2019/03/24 06:12:23)
JABAのサイト見に行ったら内地ではいろいろ大会やっててうらやましくなる JRは四国行ったし室蘭も遠征出て北ガスは明日移動だっけか 球春近づいてきたけどまだまだ
【18】vɪɔ†ѳʀ(2019/03/24 06:12:19)
Neymar Jr :" Não fingi lesão só pra comer a Anitta,fingi lesão pra nao ter que jogar com Gabriel Jesus tambem pense num…
【16】Briton Baxter Jr(2019/03/24 06:12:18)
The X Factor
【15】Joe Cronin(2019/03/24 06:12:17)
The 5 Best Places to Live in Thailand Living in Thailand – Best Cities and Towns There’s no question about it…
【14】Patriot🇺🇸Pirate⭐️⭐️⭐️(2019/03/24 06:12:16)
Verifiable Lies The Media Have Told In The Trump-Era: (THREAD) Trump colluded with Russia to win the 2016 election ❌FA…
【13】リコ(2019/03/24 06:12:16)
【交換 譲渡】アイドリッシュセブン アイナナ AJ JR東海 オフ旅 缶バッジ 【譲】 等身:一織3、三月2、陸2 SD:一織3、三月3、ナギ2、陸4 【求】 等身:壮五1、SD:環1、定価+送料 ※一織(等身)はお声掛け中のためお…
【12】Heribaldo JR(2019/03/24 06:12:15)
Bora tomar um banhozinho depois do treino de pernas....ficar cheirosa pros meus amores😍❤️ já já online no …
【11】sundayrefresh1local 2「東武鉄道~野岩鉄道~会津鉄道」大好き(2019/03/24 06:12:14)
JR西日本のレア車両も出現! 【実物大「青い線路」に汽笛が響く! 「本物のSLがまるでプラレール」の珍しい光景、現る】
【10】有門大輔bot(2019/03/24 06:12:14)
【9】Dumpsterfire(2019/03/24 06:12:13)
People say Donny Jr. reminds them of Pharmabro, unbelievable!
【7】24segundos.es(2019/03/24 06:12:12)
Rockets en problemas: no hay acuerdo con Danuel House Jr.
【5】Javier Pirez(2019/03/24 06:12:11)
Lo que juega el Fenix de JR: ganó 5-1 a Danubio y es líder invicto en solitario del Apertura, equipo más goleador(18 gole…
【4】Agustin #115505(2019/03/24 06:12:10)
Que personaje JR jaja
【3】Richard Head(2019/03/24 06:12:10)
Trump Jr. celebrates end of Mueller probe with ‘collusion truthers’ tweet - HAHAHA
【2】Junior #LUTO🏴#Nossos10(2019/03/24 06:12:10)
Só se fosse pro time de futebol americano do Botafogo kkk
【1】lauren(2019/03/24 06:12:08)
thanks ryan reynolds for deadpool thanks robert downey jr for tony stark thanks hugh jackman for wolverine thanks chris eva…