【100】Kat(2019/03/24 06:28:12)
Some pretty high praise of UB, from a pretty high place. …
【99】matt murdock gay ally(2019/03/24 06:28:11)
i dont think this is a coherent thought hope has bc logically matt is safer with him around but its like…
【98】Rosie🌹(2019/03/24 06:28:10)
their entire friendship is just matt being a clueless old man and harry patiently explaining literally everything to him a…
【97】bitchyJesusgrrrl, harbinger of the apocalypse(2019/03/24 06:28:09)
【96】The Wasatch Jackalope(2019/03/24 06:28:08)
【95】MATT ✖️(2019/03/24 06:28:08)
Quagliarella premier ballon balle de but et ensuite transversale 😭
【94】Carolyn Boroden(2019/03/24 06:28:08)
Nah I'm writing today....had a couple of cocktails with Stefanie and Matt last nigh…
【93】Glamorous Matt 🍸(2019/03/24 06:28:07)
【92】depinto 🌴(2019/03/24 06:28:05)
【91】Sam(2019/03/24 06:28:05)
I only got Facebook because an attractive nurse asked me to 😂
【90】ŞᏋᏂᏒᎥᏰᏗᏁ(2019/03/24 06:28:04)
Kazakistan Cumhurbaşkanı Kasım Cömert Tokayev, başkent Astana’nın isminin Nur-Sultan olarak değiştirilmesini öngören yasayı…
【89】Vayrplay(2019/03/24 06:28:02)
Dance for us Matt!
【88】𝔾𝕦𝕤(2019/03/24 06:28:01)
Poor Matt feel intimidated by me. LOL! What a douche bag.
【87】waiting for spring(2019/03/24 06:28:00)
Aragorn: You have my sword Legolas: And you have my bow Gimli: And my axe Neighbor: Are you sure, I mean I'll look in…
【86】Blue Light Runners(2019/03/24 06:28:00)
Congratulations to Matt Thomas, a member of our Running Section who completed his 100th today. Grangemoor Par…
【85】Peek(2019/03/24 06:27:59)
He’s saying KJ is a senior and our best WR is a senior
【84】Francis Blunt(2019/03/24 06:27:57)
Thoughtful? Sorry Matt, this tin hatter jumped in as a partisan with her nutty replies to Premier Notley. Look at h…
【83】TheCoveTimes(2019/03/24 06:27:57)
Matt Joyce was traded to the Atlanta Braves for cash considerations.
【82】宮前ゆかり(2019/03/24 06:27:56)
Taibbi: How the Press That Sold the Iraq War Got Away With It – Rolling Stone
【81】Shelby.Lynn.Schultea_87(2019/03/24 06:27:54)
I was at Target recently and someone stopped me to say they liked my work. I said thank you and we chatted briefly &…
【79】Zack(2019/03/24 06:27:54)
fletcher magee could've gone 2-12 from 3 and tied the game but instead he went 0-12 like the bum he is...... still bette…
【78】Anna Estrada(2019/03/24 06:27:52)
Thnx! I was actually going to look it up later today! Riviera, Ferguson, Matt Joyce. Who else?
【77】Matt Flores(2019/03/24 06:27:44)
Hay sonrisas que solo piensan en ti.
【76】Mack Da Knife(2019/03/24 06:27:44)
I understand what you’re saying, but you’re applying your values to Adam Schiff, and he doesn’t give a da…
【75】Tony Veches(2019/03/24 06:27:42)
Imagine having a worse OL than the
【74】Matthew Mitchell(2019/03/24 06:27:41)
My gosh I hope so! He saved our asses on offense today.
【73】Sister Mary-Margaret Geminai X(2019/03/24 06:27:41)
But doing what Jesus said in Matt 7:21.....The will of his Father in heaven... Amen.
【72】generalcheetos(2019/03/24 06:27:40)
【71】Glamorous Matt 🍸(2019/03/24 06:27:40)
It's Joan Crawford's birthday!! Slap a useless man today to celebrate 🎥
【70】Matt Watts(2019/03/24 06:27:39)
Piers, it must be beyond doubt now that the Referendum was won with misleading information by people who could not deliver a wo…
【69】Matt Clark(2019/03/24 06:27:39)
It blows my mind how terribly JC has behaved through all of this. He’s looked like someone…
【68】TheCoveTimes(2019/03/24 06:27:39)
The Matt Joyce era in San Francisco was a memorable one 😂 The Giants released him after 3 days with the club (via …
【67】Astrology Psychologist(2019/03/24 06:27:38)
We’ll be the cutest boys in Chicago
【66】Rock * Scooby Do not add me to lists(2019/03/24 06:27:38)
The first Nigerian was actually a Prince...with a business proposition involving the transfer of an inheritance. The…
【65】Jeff Adriyan #01(2019/03/24 06:27:37)
Rhyhtm guitar tracking is underway for our new record. It's about time, Matt made himself useful. Big thanks to ESP, S…
【64】Kurt Villavicencio(2019/03/24 06:27:36)
hoy juts thank u kasi simula hanggang huli anjan ka palagi. thank u sa memories. isa ka sa pinaka so…
【63】Cups 🍫✨(2019/03/24 06:27:36)
Sorry ntak hlamula himizuz
【62】Matt(2019/03/24 06:27:36)
It’s a little soon for next gen consoles. The Xbox must be struggling in sales.
【61】LRNewton(2019/03/24 06:27:35)
MSNBC’s Matt Bradley doesn’t know he’s on air and spits in his hands and uses it to slick his hair back. …
【60】Matt Skoss(2019/03/24 06:27:34)
I find the Panama Canal endlessly fascinating. I’m very glad that a crew member of this ship brought along his drone to…
【59】Matt Tweed(2019/03/24 06:27:34)
IGGY ALREADY AT IT. Raise the roof!
【58】ArleinJoyCortez(2019/03/24 06:27:33)
When I say Wedding Dress goes off, I mean it goes OFF 📽: Matt Do
【57】matt.owens rees(2019/03/24 06:27:31)
(Matt Owens Rees) It's satire BUT he has a point. If we leave the EU how confident can we…
【56】Matt Smith(2019/03/24 06:27:29)
They were seriously good sports and very funny. Whole podcast was awesome and Adrian was a great guest. Cheers, Richard 👍
【55】Matt Livengood(2019/03/24 06:27:29)
Son, he just going around hit sticking niggas 😂
【54】Matt Traer(2019/03/24 06:27:28)
Stop what you’re doing and watch this video. All the democratic candidates represented in these clips from The Office. h…
【53】Karen Kendall(2019/03/24 06:27:28)
Matt Gaetz & Mike Huckabee should take their famous senses of humor and hit the road together. Faces first.
【52】Matt Gaudio(2019/03/24 06:27:25)
Nice work guys!! You make a good team!
【51】♥olaoluwḁ̥™(2019/03/24 06:27:25)
Matt-Andre Ter Stegen had one of the best seasons of his career in 2017/18, yet an injured Manuel Neuer who was out for almo…
【50】Matt Buchanan(2019/03/24 06:27:24)
She had hair in her eyes and we’re working with bike grease here. Camo for the win.
【48】Anna Castro(2019/03/24 06:27:23)
No matter the location, always bleeding blue. But Matt Kemp wya?!
【47】matt(2019/03/24 06:27:22)
Never too grown to trip out when you see your favorite rapper.
【46】Naeem Shalash(2019/03/24 06:27:21)
I luv u :-)
【45】Vince Iwanski(2019/03/24 06:27:17)
Maybe, but a lot of schools with great sports programs aren't in highly populated cities
【44】Matt.(2019/03/24 06:27:17)
If I could do it over again, would it all be the same?
【43】Peek(2019/03/24 06:27:17)
Not unheard of at all
【42】GuerrillaDemocracyNews(2019/03/24 06:27:16)
Its time Matt Taylor was PM …
【41】Matt Linehan(2019/03/24 06:27:16)
【40】Matt(2019/03/24 06:27:16)
Moments like this are when is in his absolute element. Fantastic journalist.
【39】The Wasatch Jackalope(2019/03/24 06:27:16)
【38】Matt Gierke(2019/03/24 06:27:14)
A Norwegian outlet is here and asked to speak the language. And he did!
【37】ColeRhemrev(2019/03/24 06:27:13)
Work out with Matt before NCAA finals tonight. Real March madness.
【36】DZUNISANI SHITLHANGU(2019/03/24 06:27:13)
chela swilo sweswo chela swilo sweswo wow bra Matt,nirikwalaka ka mhing…
【35】Bryan Van Auken(2019/03/24 06:27:13)
"Did you notice what [captains] Cassius Winston and Matt McQuaid did? They told Izzo, 'We got this.' Because they have a vo…
【34】Tristan(2019/03/24 06:27:13)
A plea for Matt Damon to run as a 2020 third party presidential candidate. Please destroy the two party system! I…
【33】Agnes(2019/03/24 06:27:11)
No il crema è già troppo scuro per me 😂 Comunque ormai uso quasi solo…
【32】GaryOMurphy(2019/03/24 06:27:09)
Matt will await your Trump apology with anticipation, you must be devastated…
【31】brandon pratt(2019/03/24 06:27:06)
Shaud Williams
【30】John McClain(2019/03/24 06:27:05)
"This is the BEST sport I have ever seen.” Just this week, Matt Millen was cleared by doctors following his Christmas Eve hear…
【29】Turner(2019/03/24 06:27:03)
Matt💙 (cr: camilaleoon)
【28】sassy ann(2019/03/24 06:27:03)
Congratulations to both and , recipients of the 2018/19 Matt Cook Unsung Hero Award.
【27】Matt Morgan(2019/03/24 06:27:01)
Afternoon tea?
【26】sabiagenio(2019/03/24 06:27:01)
Vamo ficar agarradinho migo
【25】Titletown News 🏆(2019/03/24 06:26:59)
Red Sox bullpen is official: Matt Barnes, Ryan Brasier, Heath Hembree, Tyler Thornburg, Brandon Workman, Colten Brewer,…
【24】Gaetano(2019/03/24 06:26:58)
All set to rock Ashleigh & Matt’s wedding reception tonight! Can’t wait to crush this dance floor! . . .…
【23】Dwayne Hicks(2019/03/24 06:26:54)
Hey Matt do you respond to any body on this platform ????????
【22】DJ Young(2019/03/24 06:26:51)
Lmao sickkkk
【21】CHRISTELLE IDOLE(2019/03/24 06:26:49)
Matt & Sarah Marvane - Le véritable ami
【19】しょうや(2019/03/24 06:26:48)
【18】aly ☀️(2019/03/24 06:26:48)
matt the majority of americans live in the blue spots. those are called cities
【17】Alejandra(2019/03/24 06:26:46)
【16】Selene(2019/03/24 06:26:44)
Ja matt ist auch nich meins. XD
【15】Matt J 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 🌍(2019/03/24 06:26:44)
For me, the craziest stat there is that Saints missed more tackles than we did! It didn’t feel like th…
【14】Tim Moyer(2019/03/24 06:26:42)
Looks like the check on Couturier from Matt Martin was right between his numbers and Coots went crown-of-his-head-first i…
【13】Billy(2019/03/24 06:26:39)
Right on Matt Jones!
【12】its a me💫(2019/03/24 06:26:39)
Matt just learned to breakdance and now he won’t record Let’s Plays anymore
【10】ŞᏋᏂᏒᎥᏰᏗᏁ(2019/03/24 06:26:36)
Geçen gün Bodrum'dan arkadaşımla konuştum oteller yerli turiste yanlış hatırlamıyorsam yüzde on rezerve ayırmışlar. Oteller…
【9】Ito, Akira 伊藤 玲(2019/03/24 06:26:35)
"Crushed it" -Matt Christian, probably 🤷🏼‍♂️
【8】malvin almonte™(2019/03/24 06:26:35)
【7】Matt Pardee(2019/03/24 06:26:33)
Small correction: we should have started 20 years ago. What is progress without responsibility towards the future?
【6】💃❤🌹Khensani Chauke Eka Mavambe💃❤🌹(2019/03/24 06:26:33)
He Dj Matt chela swilosweswo …
【5】Va Cardinals ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ(2019/03/24 06:26:33)
2020 OF Matt Sylvia stays hot with his second 1b of the day to get rolling in the 6th looking to add t…
【4】BETH WAREHAM(2019/03/24 06:26:32)
Matt is having a cow. 🐄
【3】Matt Morgan(2019/03/24 06:26:31)
17 million more don’t want to,,,,it’s nothing personal it’s the EU leaders that are the problem
【2】Michael Brooks(2019/03/24 06:26:31)
Dictionary - Dick = Matt Bevin. What would have happened if one of them died? And he’s a governor!