【100】Matt Thornburg(2019/12/11 15:34:04)
Yo D? 🐥🦃🐥
【99】connie(2019/12/11 15:34:03)
Watch as a Democrat Donor instructs Jerry Nadler to bang the Gavel to stop Matt Gaetz from making excellent points and exposi…
【98】Auswoke(2019/12/11 15:34:02)
Matt Kean should look in some history books.
【97】🇺🇲TrumpKag🇺🇸(2019/12/11 15:34:01)
Wow perhaps you could come forward with the facts.. I for one have yet to hear any!
【96】Matt Sena(2019/12/11 15:33:59)
RIP Juice
【95】Georgina Siri(2019/12/11 15:33:59)
. comes out swinging: “it’s not time to end the climate war... it’s time to win the climate war!”
【94】Matt stewart(2019/12/11 15:33:58)
Did anyone ask for your reply?
【93】Alan Marsden(2019/12/11 15:33:57)
🗣 "It is difficult to know what is the greater scandal– the pitiful plight of four-year-old Jack Williment, sleeping on…
【92】Edwin Hayward ('Slaying Brexit Unicorns' author)(2019/12/11 15:33:56)
"The health secretary Matt Hancock has repeatedly failed to respond to concerns that his local hospital is bullying…
【91】Mother Trucker(2019/12/11 15:33:56)
he always projects
【90】A. Scheaffer(2019/12/11 15:33:55)
Believe me when I say, WE are the…
【89】Peter #VoteLabour(2019/12/11 15:33:54)
Friends with Matt Hancock but says was hacked ? Sounds unlikely unless Hancock used her FB account when…
【88】Vivienne Rivis(2019/12/11 15:33:52)
The BBC have confirmed that Matt Hancock has links to the woman who first posted the fake news claiming the photo of th…
【87】double shot depresso(2019/12/11 15:33:50)
If it was really Percocet then 30 shouldn’t kill him unless he’s never taken them before
【85】ALEX.F(2019/12/11 15:33:48)
My interview with Matt Mackowiak's Mack On Politics about
【84】Rebecca Dodsworth(2019/12/11 15:33:47)
Closer to home ...Doctors at
【83】Steve Daines-Patron Saint of Cowards(2019/12/11 15:33:47)
Matt, too much Russia Today. It’s warping your brain. Scratch that—it’s warping.
【82】merry mattmas (20-3)(2019/12/11 15:33:45)
Freddie fish was a bop on PC
【81】Prophessor KulaMoto(2019/12/11 15:33:43)
Porn Addiction Ended By New Law That Requires Matt Walsh's Disapproving Face To Appear On All Adult Sites …
【79】John Age(2019/12/11 15:33:43)
Thank you! Check out the most recent episode & share the links: …
【78】Steven Gibbons(2019/12/11 15:33:42)
Matt Hancock, Health Secretary and MP for West Suffolk, congratulating himself on the improvements at Newmarket A&E. Ther…
【77】basia lautman(2019/12/11 15:33:42)
So Matt, are you confirming you’re one of the Two ‘senior Tory sources’ who falsely claimed your SpAd was punched in the fa…
【76】💈NationalistCindy💈🚂🔴🐘🇺🇸(2019/12/11 15:33:41)
Matt Gaetz fires back: "Is this when we just hear staff ask questions of other staff and the members get dealt out of thi…
【75】Matt Sena(2019/12/11 15:33:41)
Drug addiction isn't a joke or a hoax, You are straight fucked when you're over the dose..
【74】Odile Ruijs(2019/12/11 15:33:40)
Thank you very much for speaking out. how disappointing! It’s
【73】Fr. Darin Schmidt(2019/12/11 15:33:39)
Times when people thought Jesus was being literal & he corrected them saying it was symbolic: John 4:31-34 (food is a s…
【71】Diana 🥺(2019/12/11 15:33:36)
Thanks for the support man and thanks for having sex with all the guys every night before the shows that…
【70】💧 🌏 wendy leslie 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧(2019/12/11 15:33:35)
Tk you for your leadership & for breaking the wall of silence on the fires & our
【69】Matt 🍷(2019/12/11 15:33:35)
Feo??? Que pe*o con la gente, si se ve q es bien genial...
【68】Crash.banticoot100(2019/12/11 15:33:33)
"What matters is not who looks at what when, it's what are people doing." Matt Hancock dismissed suggestions that Bo…
【67】Sandi Logan(2019/12/11 15:33:32)
"Longer drier periods, resulting in more drought and bushfire; if this is not a catalyst for change, then I don't k…
【64】Helen Hall(2019/12/11 15:33:30)
It is past time for opinions and belief, courage to stand up for science should be applauded. Particula…
【63】fangirl(2019/12/11 15:33:29)
【62】vegan contrarian(2019/12/11 15:33:28)
Everyone is an environmentalist until you bring up animal agriculture
【59】That Metal Guy(2019/12/11 15:33:25)
The Royals should check in on Matt Davidson. He loves hitting at Kauffman.
【58】Sue(2019/12/11 15:33:25)
Nutsack Nadler was again AWOL in his own farce impeachment clown show, urged to slam down the gavel on Matt Gaetz by dono…
【57】Mantis Toboggan M.D.(2019/12/11 15:33:22)
Duncan Robinson went off. TEN THREES. 34 PTS (10/14 from three) 4 ASTS
【56】𝔠𝔬𝔫𝔦𝔤𝔩𝔦𝔢𝔱𝔱𝔬.🐇(2019/12/11 15:33:22)
And Matt! (Well part of him...) What a team!! 🙌
【55】Georgina Siri(2019/12/11 15:33:22)
Thank you Environment Minister for speaking the truth. 👏👏 Doing nothing on the climate crisis is not an optio…
【54】mojo(2019/12/11 15:33:20)
Matt Kean has lashed out at the government, saying it's clear that climate change is causing the unprecedented bushfires, and…
【53】Kendon(2019/12/11 15:33:19)
Tobasco. The next time our waiter comes around, I ask him how he pronounces Tobasco, and like a normal person, he p…
【52】Peter #VoteLabour(2019/12/11 15:33:19)
Son friends with Matt Hancock’s personal facebook You can only request to be friends with Matt Ha…
【50】Anna(2019/12/11 15:33:18)
Dominic Cummings skillfully manipulated the media yesterday, creating a fake news brawl around Matt Hancock and then atta…
【49】THE Nightmare Before Christmas™️(2019/12/11 15:33:18)
much to think about
【48】kaylee baby(2019/12/11 15:33:18)
Cheating isn’t only based on actions. The Bible says if you’re thinking lustfully about someone other than ur other half/sp…
【47】matt(2019/12/11 15:33:15)
Alex Antetokounmpo throwing down with Giannis in the crowd ✊
【46】Helen Hall(2019/12/11 15:33:12)
This is not about philosophy or belief, it not a debate, it is science pure and simple. This season is not normal educat…
【45】Bottoms for Buttigieg(2019/12/11 15:33:12)
If this isn’t enough to get the gay vote idk what is
【44】EvertonViking(2019/12/11 15:33:09)
Paul joyce and Matt Lawton fella.
【43】Mattzilla(2019/12/11 15:33:08)
Hay que mirar la luz para estornudar...
【42】Johnny(2019/12/11 15:33:06)
How are we not going to win it? We’r…
【41】Jayne Sharp(2019/12/11 15:33:04)
【39】Vino's Shop(2019/12/11 15:33:03)
Gamis Overalla *Ori By Aku Karissa Matt kain : IT Crep LD -+ 105 PJ -+ 140 LB -+ 2.5m Resleting depan Sku kaki d…
【38】Enigmatic(2019/12/11 15:33:01)
No? Let me know when Catholicism and Presbyterianism are labeled nationalities. Then I'll stop worrying, Matt.
【36】mathieu(2019/12/11 15:33:00)
I'm not sad I just feel rejected and small
【35】🐶Marci🐶(2019/12/11 15:32:58)
This was the moment Matt met Mayhew rescue in 2014. Fast forward five years, and Zelda has now - with a littl…
【34】AftrSixRadio(2019/12/11 15:32:57)
Matt Sassari - Laying Dogs (Original Mix)
【33】Gail 💦(2019/12/11 15:32:55)
NSW Energy and Environment Minister Matt Kean has linked this year’s bushfire season to climate change. …
【31】Matt stewart(2019/12/11 15:32:54)
I need to look at Twitter bios more
【30】M.Garcia(2019/12/11 15:32:52)
Close call, but choose matt cuz he’s a city fan
【29】🇺🇲TrumpKag🇺🇸(2019/12/11 15:32:51)
100% owned by the Russians 🤣🤣🤣 it should be a crime to be that freaking stupid
【28】Los Buffalo Bills según Sejirō(2019/12/11 15:32:51)
Yo junto a Hughes me quedaría con Murphy además de con Darryl. Y a esos tres le añado a Jadeveon Clo…
【27】Mother Trucker(2019/12/11 15:32:51)
doesn't Jared Kushner use it for his communication with the Saudis?
【26】Marcus the KNIGHT of the Darkness(2019/12/11 15:32:50)
You should try acknowledging and accepting that climate change is real, , , .…
【25】Succoria(2019/12/11 15:32:50)
it’s...matt hancock’s account
【24】Matt Kepler(2019/12/11 15:32:50)
i only post my pups on snapchat so i decided twitter should meet them
【23】Go Vols 99(2019/12/11 15:32:49)
Matt Luke gets fired at Ole Piss and has a job less than a week later. Butch Jones gets canned and 2.5 yrs later still r…
【22】Chris Cummings(2019/12/11 15:32:48)
Hancock won't talk to us, say 'bullied' doctors at his local hospital in Suffolk
【21】R. Kevin McNair(2019/12/11 15:32:47)
Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy. -Matt 5:7
【19】Casey.bih(2019/12/11 15:32:44)
tomorrow Matt Bevin won’t be Governor
【17】ไม่ใช่สนามอารมณ์(2019/12/11 15:32:40)
มึง กูอยู่คนเดียวได้ ไม่เหงาหรอก
【15】Matt 🎥(2019/12/11 15:32:39)
one of the most legendary commercials of the decade
【13】KISS FM(2019/12/11 15:32:38)
Friction | Fri 10PM | Kiss FM Australia | Matt Guy • Guest Mix & Interview -
【12】Captain Ahab(2019/12/11 15:32:38)
This is a foot…
【11】Lapty(2019/12/11 15:32:37)
Always getting better. helped Matt Kuchar fine-tune his bunker shot before the …
【10】Jackie Klees(2019/12/11 15:32:34)
Thanks Matt Keane. We need more people like you to speak truth to the willfully ignorant. M…
【9】Kate Cooke(2019/12/11 15:32:32)
Good✅if they try to reign him in he should run as an Independent. There's…
【8】Willy fox 🌻(2019/12/11 15:32:31)
Im not sure the sewage is treated for things like that....
【4】💧Fair Dinkum co2ppm(2019/12/11 15:32:27)
'Doing nothing is not a solution': Matt Kean blames climate crisis for bushfires Cheers Climate and cons…
【3】psych nurse #general election now(2019/12/11 15:32:27)
Her son is friends with Matt Hancock on Facebook. …
【2】Karren Fosdahl(2019/12/11 15:32:26)
WATCH: Rep. Matt Gaetz questions Democrat "witness" Daniel Goldman. Gaetz: "Do you think if you'd given more money, you m…
【1】Zaica(2019/12/11 15:32:26)
Hey , even people in your own party think your silence on climate change and your do-nothing attitude is not eno…