【100】Julie Ford(2020/09/26 11:57:44)
Tbf, you’re like a cockroach, Matt. You scuttle around spreading disease and you’re hard to get rid of.
【99】Matt Harris(2020/09/26 11:57:44)
Same city same friends if ya looking for me... and North Shore ain’t going anywhere.
【98】Dan Fioriglio(2020/09/26 11:57:43)
5 year rebuild right ?
【97】matt miller(2020/09/26 11:57:43)
Stanley Cup Final game 4 going to have an overtime period in a bit, if you're into that sort of thing.
【96】Andrea Aragon(2020/09/26 11:57:42)
you make me 😍😍😍😍
【95】Matt Stepp(2020/09/26 11:57:42)
Spearman scores first in OT ... QB Wilkerson runs it in Spearman 43, Childress 36
【94】xXVI3T(✖‿✖)R0GÜEXx(2020/09/26 11:57:42)
It’s just my front camera...
【93】evo(2020/09/26 11:57:40)
aye matt
【92】x-Martian Monster 👽⭕️(2020/09/26 11:57:39)
Terrible call
【91】Aren Vtes(2020/09/26 11:57:39)
Shooting a music video for HerStory! Having fun with Matt Harris.
【90】Your Welcome Matt(2020/09/26 11:57:38)
Literally shaking rn
【89】-3-⁷ #7isToday⟭⟬₁₃ ✨ᵂᵉ ᴬʳᵉ ᴼᶰˡʸ ⁷ ✨ᴰʸⁿᵃᵐᶦᵗᵉ💜⟬⟭(2020/09/26 11:57:38)
Ya está!
【88】Antonia(2020/09/26 11:57:37)
Two more games until Matt Klentak is fired.
【87】Super Nintendo Chalmers(2020/09/26 11:57:31)
Matt left me with his dog for like three minutes and like five different people tried to pick me up lmao
【86】Jamie Sherman(2020/09/26 11:57:29)
Hey Matt, you still have time to back out of the race and work with your Democratic Party, not the GOP.
【85】Matt Roberts(2020/09/26 11:57:28)
【84】Matt Gillette(2020/09/26 11:57:26)
The go to!!!!
【83】Jeri(2020/09/26 11:57:26)
Matt Lieberman, Georgia, and the Senate: the jerk who gave me a C+ could cost Democrats the Senate.
【82】Gate(2020/09/26 11:57:26)
Marmita de vagabundo com a palavra
【81】Rush N Baht(2020/09/26 11:57:26)
【80】snowbird(2020/09/26 11:57:25)
Thanks for your courage fighting this fight and exposing the self-interested Washington game a…
【79】Dekkopetsematary Two On The Move(2020/09/26 11:57:25)
Matt Wedge’s Exploitation Education column returns with a look back at BLOOD SABBATH (1972), featuring Dyanne Thorne!…
【78】loulou🌹🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿union jack(2020/09/26 11:57:25)
The officer who was senselessly killed earlier today has been named as Sergeant Matt Ratana. "Matt was a leader in rugby…
【77】Ex-Pimp Policy Expert(2020/09/26 11:57:24)
Glenn Simpson: Useful Idiot Can we not find some charge to hang on him? Slander maybe?
【76】Cole Jackson(2020/09/26 11:57:22)
"MArcuS pETErs" ➡️ T_E MA__ __SE Went to "WasHIngTon" ➡️ THE MAT_ WISE Plays "fooTball" ➡️ THE MATT WISE In conclusi…
【75】Janvi Patel(2020/09/26 11:57:21)
THE BUZZ FROM BUGBEE senior Matt Bugbee ran for a TD, passed for lbs, kicked three PATs and two FGs. He…
【74】Tarnished(2020/09/26 11:57:21)
Today on
【73】ましゅ@FFBE 幻影戦争楽しい(2020/09/26 11:57:19)
【72】Matt(2020/09/26 11:57:15)
Take another one if Sox lose😈
【71】August(2020/09/26 11:57:15)
looking at some matt watson memes online. he made these apparently
【70】Matt Poulton(2020/09/26 11:57:14)
See you Sunday
【69】Lana(2020/09/26 11:57:12)
It seems Kelly Loeffler has been up to more than just selling stock at weird times during the pandemic, slagging Black Live…
【68】LooneyPanda-Look for the Helpers , Be a Leader 😎(2020/09/26 11:57:11)
Your entire thing is you don't care if he…
【67】snowbird(2020/09/26 11:57:10)
Too many members of the House and Senate are beholden to Big Tech either because of political donations or because their…
【66】x-Martian Monster 👽⭕️(2020/09/26 11:57:10)
I am very much rooting against the Bolts, but on what planet was that an embellishment? Shitty call.
【65】Lacie~(2020/09/26 11:57:10)
Ahhh.. gracias por la explicación Ya me estaba martirizado, pensando que no estaban…
【64】William Amaral dos Passos Rambo(2020/09/26 11:57:09)
【63】dustin irl(2020/09/26 11:57:09)
big witch energy
【62】Dorman Receivers(2020/09/26 11:57:07)
No room in the press box due to Covid restrictions....no problem for Matt Talley and Thomas Ryan on the radio. They’ll sit…
【61】mattxolguin(2020/09/26 11:57:05)
God is going to double Your blessings. Get ready to receive them...
【59】soultravelers3(2020/09/26 11:57:04)
This race isn't just about beating Matt Gaetz. It's about electing a leader who will fight for the community, fight for small…
【58】Hannah Kludy(2020/09/26 11:56:59)
Best of the Net nom "Steve Nicks Pastoral after Someone Found Needles in My Bac…
【57】txhsfb(Tony Blalock)(2020/09/26 11:56:59)
On Homecoming, the Oilers (1-3) defeated the (0-4) 38 to 6. …
【56】Scott Kramer(2020/09/26 11:56:56)
Thank you for the kind words, Matt. Hope you're doing well and staying safe!
【55】Tinkerbell8a(2020/09/26 11:56:55)
Shut up Matt your ride is almost over
【54】Aamira (TheDiamondGirl)(2020/09/26 11:56:54)
That’s what we mean when we say “all cops are bastards”
【53】Pedro Taborda(2020/09/26 11:56:54)
I mean, I can agree/disagree with another person’s opinion (e.g Andrew Coyne or Matt Gurney) but I…
【52】:)(2020/09/26 11:56:52)
【51】Liam ➐(2020/09/26 11:56:50)
I'm the real fraud - slandering Matt :c
【50】Quinn Snyder .:|:.:|:.(2020/09/26 11:56:48)
I mean — something, something Giants fan. Dead giveaway ;-P JK. You are a rockstar, Matt! The speed…
【49】Christhian J. 🇵🇷(2020/09/26 11:56:47)
Since someone has requested this. Here are some of Matt Murdock and Elektra 's moments
【48】Lily 𝑜𝒻 𝓉𝒽𝑒 Valley(2020/09/26 11:56:46)
I’ll work really hard. I won’t let you down Matt and PM 👊🏽 The link didn’t work. If we…
【47】Tabatha🇺🇸 Proud American 🇺🇸🇸🇻🇺🇸(2020/09/26 11:56:45)
【46】David Fyvie(2020/09/26 11:56:45)
Matt. Matt, ghost are SO GOOD. Matt, you're gonna fall down a rabbit hole and you're not gonna want to come back out.
【45】Shadow(2020/09/26 11:56:44)
You can just see the Batshittery in her eyes.
【44】Madu(2020/09/26 11:56:44)
É A MULHER MAIS LINDA🥰! Lana Del Rey via Instagram stories cantando um trecho da música "Hallucinogenics", sua nova parcer…
【42】Sara(2020/09/26 11:56:42)
eh. he grabbed the stick and then went down. they’ve been doing it the entire time. idk why they’re so in…
【41】David Vognar(2020/09/26 11:56:41)
Angel Hernandez doesn't give him that pitch. So now it's 2-0 and that's the catbird's seat. That totally altered th…
【40】Matt Müller(2020/09/26 11:56:40)
Their fundraising is way up compared to 2017-18 and most of thei…
【39】Noah Lewis (NASCAR Writer)(2020/09/26 11:56:40)
Unofficial Top 10 in the 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.…
【38】Costa(2020/09/26 11:56:37)
If you’re gonna keep doing ESPN kid videos I have a nomination at some point down the ro…
【37】Carolann S(2020/09/26 11:56:37)
Louisville officer greeted by fellow officers 24 hrs after being shot‼️ FB …
【36】👨🏻‍⚕️ Doc Ha 🦆(2020/09/26 11:56:37)
【35】にゃむ*@アシュテ(2020/09/26 11:56:36)
高速で3時間かかるからのんびり待ってて…! てかりんごちゃんに作るならもう少しかわいい柄にする(((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))
【34】Gate(2020/09/26 11:56:32)
Quebra a cara dele, Whind E vai lá no Independiente pra comprar o Benítez pra nóis
【33】MuNdùz(2020/09/26 11:56:31)
He entered the school talent show and was suspended for this performance 💀
【32】:)(2020/09/26 11:56:29)
My Among Us duo is really Matt... I did not see that coming
【31】comrade clare says yes to cats and communism ☭(2020/09/26 11:56:28)
How much time does Matt Walsh spend looking through tik tok videos of teenagers to find kids he wants to marry?
【30】Ash(2020/09/26 11:56:27)
Heartbreaking news - our thoughts and condolences go out to Matt’s family and all at East Grinstead Rugby Club at this…
【29】Olivia Cathcart(2020/09/26 11:56:27)
I hated Sandy (presenter, not the baker who I loved) so I don’t miss her but Matt Lucas is adding nothing to the sh…
【28】Matt DuMont(2020/09/26 11:56:26)
Oh fuck.
【27】Tigers Torkmoil(2020/09/26 11:56:25)
Trade him to us for Matt Boyd imo
【26】Chad VanArnhem(2020/09/26 11:56:25)
Adam Hess is here for the - game with Mike Cymbal and Matt Grazia
【25】Podcast Zona de Ultrapassagem(2020/09/26 11:56:24)
134/134 - Top 10 final: 1 Austin Hill (16)* 2 Sheldon Creed (2)* 3…
【24】Jedidah Lincoln(2020/09/26 11:56:23)
Petr Cech lends a helping hand to Kepa Arrizabalaga following goalkeeper's costly blunders. reports — https:…
【23】Ernest Fannin(2020/09/26 11:56:20)
Military Ballots Found in the Trash in Pennsylvania—All Were Trump Votes
【21】Dr Susanna(2020/09/26 11:56:18)
I'm Phil Ehr, and I'm running to defeat Matt Gaetz and bring honor and integrity back to Florida's 1st District. Help suppor…
【20】NoNaziPOTUS(2020/09/26 11:56:18)
WATCH: Our powerful new video exposes Matt Gaetz for using disinformation & chaos to stay in power. I saw our enemies use the…
【19】Lee Ann Geiger Messenger1🌊🌈supporter#resister(2020/09/26 11:56:14)
Neither has Florida get rid if the seamless in Florida bye bye Matt
【18】Kevin P. Hennosy(2020/09/26 11:56:10)
Joe Lieberman’s son, who gave me a C+ in English, wrote a racist novel and is now spoiling a key Senate race. …
【17】kate butch(2020/09/26 11:56:09)
porra meu sonho o matt continuar empregado sabe ele nao tem culpa se a cw existe
【16】Matt Stepp(2020/09/26 11:56:09)
FUMBLE!!!! Temple ball!!!
【15】luvrboy(2020/09/26 11:56:09)
if you ever participated in cancel culture unfollow me you fucking loser
【14】It's Up to Me AZ(2020/09/26 11:56:07)
Congratulations to Cronkite alumnus on being the newest Cronkite Hall of Fame inductee! 🎉 Barrie, who is now…
【13】Belka(2020/09/26 11:56:05)
"Matt Boyd," the man said, giving Neil's hand a firm shake.
【12】Chad Neylon 🇦🇺(2020/09/26 11:56:05)
Thanks bud. I think everyone is looking forward to next year!
【11】Derek 〄 ఌ︎ he/him - Matt Murdock Stan(2020/09/26 11:56:04)
Hi today I give you cute Matt Murdock. Tomorrow? Who knows
【9】Rose #VoteBlueToSaveAmerica2020(2020/09/26 11:56:03)
Protections for people with pre-existing conditions have been life-changing for Matt. He’s been able to start his own bu…
【7】MUFC TransferNews(2020/09/26 11:56:00)
A few days left till the window closes. A very disappointing window im afraid. Ed Woodward & Matt Judge showing no sense of urgency
【6】Matt(2020/09/26 11:55:59)
So many parts of this video scare me
【5】John Bennett(2020/09/26 11:55:59)
We’ve never used it here either I don’t think matt. Did you ever…
【4】karis 🏳️‍🌈|BLM(2020/09/26 11:55:56)
Jules from euphoria, matt from Daredevil, jack sparrow from pirates of the Caribbean
【3】StixO(2020/09/26 11:55:56)
They tr…
【2】urgoingtojailbitch(2020/09/26 11:55:55)
Her doctor recommended that to her, now u can go get a life.