【100】Kenn(2020/08/15 03:12:46)
"You gotta find out what you do better than anybody else and rock that." Listen, I love and receive every second of th…
【99】Iris Emerald(2020/08/15 03:12:46)
and this is why we have Netflix wanting to age up characters in their remake of a beloved children's cartoon so said remake c…
【98】⊳ 𝐂𝐄𝐎 𝐎𝐅 𝐏𝐄𝐏𝐓𝐎 。(2020/08/15 03:12:46)
After what Netflix did to death note y’all trust them with another beloved franchise? I knew they were gonna fuck u…
【97】ba🌑(2020/08/15 03:12:46)
Após uma semana de sua estreia na Netflix, “Work It” (Dançarina Imperfeita) continua em 1° lugar no top 10 do Brasil. ✨…
【96】geovanna(2020/08/15 03:12:46)
Netflix perfeita lançou mais eps de rick e morty 🤠🤠🤠🤠
【95】momo(2020/08/15 03:12:45)
Reading about how netflix wants avatar but darker and sexier and once again I would like to inform men they can express…
【94】agatha(2020/08/15 03:12:45)
ANNER É ANNER NÉ MÔ? Depois de um post da netflix, os anners conseguiram levantar a tag espontânea "renova anne" que a…
【93】Cochina🥰(2020/08/15 03:12:45)
remember when Netflix literally denied an Asian man the role of Light Yagami, hired a white guy, changed his last name to Tu…
【92】Mars(2020/08/15 03:12:44)
quando non sto su twitter, sto su netflix quando non sto su netflix, sto su twitter
【91】✨thata✨(2020/08/15 03:12:44)
A Netflix olha p nossa cara e ri...
【88】𝓔𝔃𝓪𝓷𝓲𝓮🌸(2020/08/15 03:12:44)
Excuse me, preacher. You got time for a sinner? THE DEVIL ALL THE TIME. On Netflix globally 16 September. …
【87】𝕬 𝖓 𝖙 𝖔 𝖓 𝖊 𝖑 𝖑 𝖆(2020/08/15 03:12:43)
Cuando no existía Netflix yo era fanática de Dicovery h&h, no me perdía nunca los martes de cocina, los miercoles de belle…
【86】vanessa(2020/08/15 03:12:43)
You’re kidding me right? You wanna sexually exploit characters who are CHILDREN…
【84】senastore(2020/08/15 03:12:43)
- Netflix Premium - bosen dirumah terus? mending nonton film yu di netflix. jangan lupa beli akun netflixnya di se…
【83】ShyMystic(2020/08/15 03:12:42)
There are a bunch of totally unverified rumors circulating today about why ATLA's creators left Netflix. But IMO those ru…
【82】Aldo Mendes(2020/08/15 03:12:42)
Nina Dobrev, Charles Melton e Jimmy O. Yang irão estrelar Love Hard, novo filme da Netflix. A história gira em torno de…
【81】Lerato(2020/08/15 03:12:42)
Batho somaar pull Netflix into the mix..😂😂😂
【80】bee | acab(2020/08/15 03:12:42)
Dear , If you don't want the ATLA adaptation to go down in flames, there are literal thousands of fans who would…
【79】Isa Dávila Pereira(2020/08/15 03:12:42)
Having the lead be a white girl who quite literally takes the credit for the dance team’s (a dance team led by a qu…
【78】Pere Ponsà(2020/08/15 03:12:41)
She’s heeeere! Your favorite foxy fascist is now officially streamable on ! Kuvira was my first ever VO job & re…
【77】Daniel Corton 👾(2020/08/15 03:12:40)
【76】Behroze Patel(2020/08/15 03:12:40)
We're hosting a watch party for Harry's new documentary on Netflix, Rising Phoenix. Below are some options on times. Ulti…
【75】farid 🇲🇾(2020/08/15 03:12:40)
【74】Daddy Jolyne(2020/08/15 03:12:40)
Anime Netflix adaptation
【73】👹(2020/08/15 03:12:40)
esse "exposed" foi patrocinado pela netflix querendo derrubar a sapatão do drive
【72】Fredo(2020/08/15 03:12:39)
Man.... so I watched “dont fuck with cats” on Netflix thinkin it would be a highlight reel of cats jumping on people m…
【71】🌊Anbu-boi🌊🌊(2020/08/15 03:12:39)
LoK is on Netflix!! Yasss 💪🏽
【68】Paola Aragón(2020/08/15 03:12:39)
Me declaro fan de las miniseries de Netflix
【65】Honeymoon 🌛(2020/08/15 03:12:38)
¡Secret Celebrity RuPaul's Drag Race ya esta disponible en Netflix Latinoamerica!
【64】August_15th🎉(2020/08/15 03:12:38)
✊🏿 🎥Join us for the🍿Watch Party 🍿 on Netflix 🇿🇦✊ at 6pm{SAST} feat. the Tantalizing Triple-Thr…
【61】Pedro Luiz(2020/08/15 03:12:37)
Não achei na Netflix
【60】Javi Pérez(2020/08/15 03:12:37)
¡Aquí tenemos el trailer! 📽️ Rising Phoenix, la extraordinaria historia del 'Movimiento Paralímpico', se estrenará en Ne…
【59】Patrick Dokpesi AKA Popolampo(2020/08/15 03:12:37)
Let's confuse the indomie generation with this legendary video player. It was our Netflix that time😂😂 Retweet if you remembe…
【56】Tangarife_Offical(2020/08/15 03:12:37)
Just give arsenal a Netflix doc ffs
【54】ॱଳ͘ ꒳ᵒ꒳💥ˎˊ˗(2020/08/15 03:12:36)
Finding a movie to watch here is easier than finding a movie on Netflix
【53】Briaunna(2020/08/15 03:12:36)
What are your weekend plans? The “Netflix ‘n’ Chill” set is perfect for messy buns and ordering pizza with your BFFs 💖 htt…
【52】Jay(2020/08/15 03:12:35)
netflix: [wants to create a darker, mature tone of the show more romance, sex, and blood] the show in question: …
【51】linh(2020/08/15 03:12:35)
Fuck Leave Avatar alone! NO White actors
【49】.(2020/08/15 03:12:35)
57° dia Netflix, Telecine, Amazon, preciso de mais filmes
【48】kiki(2020/08/15 03:12:35)
can netflix add gremlins to its movies i don’t feel like looking for the dvd in my dads room
【47】CHARLES_NETFLIX PREMIUMS(2020/08/15 03:12:34)
【45】Kate(2020/08/15 03:12:34)
the legend of korra drops on netflix tommorow so i decided to make a little edit to showcase this amazing series. https:…
【44】Torpt2006(2020/08/15 03:12:34)
Ich habe keine große Hoffnungen darauf, aber da ich Netflix habe, kann ich es mal eine Chance geben, we…
【43】Vignesh Ramachandran(2020/08/15 03:12:34)
Join us now with — the super nice guy from Austin, Texas, in ’s "Indian Matchmaking."
【41】🇨🇻(2020/08/15 03:12:34)
Netflix a fait enregistré une nouvelle introduction qui sera utilisée uniquement pour leur grosse production. …
【40】joisey shoa(2020/08/15 03:12:33)
I swear this was one of the funniest scenes ever, of any show in history. I…
【39】Tʜᴇ Iᴄᴋ Fᴀᴄᴛᴏʀ(2020/08/15 03:12:33)
Είχε και γαμώ τους πολίτες η χώρα μέχρι τον Ιούνιο και βοηθούσαν την κυβέρνηση να τα πηγαίνει θαυμάσια, μετά άρχισαν να δ…
【38】Podcast Overhaul(2020/08/15 03:12:33)
New episode: A Silent Voice! Covering both the manga by Yoshitoki Oima and the anime movie on Netflix!
【36】Toussaint Egan(2020/08/15 03:12:32)
【35】Jorge:3(2020/08/15 03:12:32)
Really mad that I couldn’t wait a couple of months to see Legend of Korra for free on Netflix. I paid 9.99 for a mo…
【34】Emily Prachaya 🌹(2020/08/15 03:12:32)
Wey aduh mende viral kat 🇲🇾 ni psl show 10.30pm nak buat mcm mana. Makin letops show BW lagi2…
【31】Bxndz💰(2020/08/15 03:12:32)
【30】Cheemtos(2020/08/15 03:12:31)
Vaaaa netflix party el lunes o q
【29】Aart van Acquoij(2020/08/15 03:12:31)
Netflix trekt na slechts één seizoen de stekker uit White Lines
【28】DanReilly(2020/08/15 03:12:31)
【25】Katara(2020/08/15 03:12:30)
Growing up 1/2 native really made me realize what a underrepersenation there is on Media of people who look like me…
【24】شفى(2020/08/15 03:12:30)
have you guys watched "After Met You" on netflix? HAHAHAHA it reminds me of Dilan & Milea
【23】Michael Young(2020/08/15 03:12:29)
When/if you do (it’s streaming on Netflix) you’ll understand why the only answer can be potato babies.
【20】LEARN FROM THE LUNCH BOX(2020/08/15 03:12:29)
I’m still angry at Netflix for ruining my favourite anime of all time.
【18】Paris RENEW AWAE(2020/08/15 03:12:27)
This is day 1 of me requesting AWAE on Netflix and Disney Plus!! Please join if you can 😊
【17】Aldo Mendes(2020/08/15 03:12:27)
E vamos de Nina Dobrev na Netflix
【15】Munachiso(2020/08/15 03:12:26)
I Can’t believe no one is talking about project power on Netflix 🙄
【14】Bruxa Narniana(2020/08/15 03:12:26)
Descobri que a netflix quer botar cenas pesadas e sexo nessa serie liveaction de Avatar e estou "????????????????".
【13】Lil king Esmi #1(2020/08/15 03:12:26)
Dear people who rewatched Avatar: The Last Airbender when it came to Netflix, Its sequel, The Legend of Korra, dropped…
【11】Stevierules1(2020/08/15 03:12:26)
It’s true! I’m getting a Netflix special! And I couldn’t have done it without all your support, THANK YOU SO MUCH ❤️❤️❤️
【10】maczeug(2020/08/15 03:12:26)
Derweil drüben auf : Netflix erhöht die Preise in Österreich
【8】caroline ᵇˡᵐ(2020/08/15 03:12:25)
Sh*t gets tense when Robert Pattinson and Tom Holland face off in the new trailer for ’s ‘The Devil All the Time’ htt…
【6】Denise Marie 🗑🚮(2020/08/15 03:12:25)
【4】Kelebogile(2020/08/15 03:12:24)
One can't even go anywhere after an amazing shoot. Just selfies, Netflix and sleep. Shout out to Smangele & Nureen 😍…
【3】Bone-dry Pussy 🤸🏻‍♀️(2020/08/15 03:12:24)
Netflix is ready to gentrify Ba Sing Se