【97】Pasha's Resistance(2019/08/18 03:53:37)
We thank these men and women for protecting us but what are we doing to protect them? The PTSD, anxiety, and depression the…
【96】wonkasoompaloompas323(2019/08/18 03:53:36)
MDMA boosts chemicals like serotonin and oxytocin. It also tamps down activity in the amygdala, a part of the brain that processes…
【95】𝓉𝑒𝓈𝓈𝒶 ☾(2019/08/18 03:53:28)
i luv ptsd making me feel like an ash heap
【93】cool fella inc.(2019/08/18 03:53:24)
I own a large pit, I agree with you that they are painted as monsters unfairly. There are still peop…
【92】John Deere 1952(2019/08/18 03:53:13)
石橋和歩受刑者が起こした東名あおり運転事故で両親を事故で亡くし、残されたお嬢さん2人と両親をひいてしまった運転手がPTSDになって今も苦しみながら生きてる。 今回指名手配された宮崎文夫容疑者やあおり運転をした者に対して、…
【91】Dr. Deb Lindh, EdD(2019/08/18 03:53:10)
Sitting outside under a veranda I remember the times when this was only a thought. A thought of “I hope one day I c…
【90】Vincenzo Cortino(2019/08/18 03:53:05)
Metabotropic glutamate receptor type 5 (mGluR5) may represent a potential treatment target and biomarker of suicidal ideation…
【89】PatrickLockwood(2019/08/18 03:53:03)
Important for all interested in
【87】Ron Williams(2019/08/18 03:52:59)
【86】Retrospect of a Mermaid 💭🧜🏼‍♀️(2019/08/18 03:52:59)
Things not to joke about • depression • anxiety • schizophrenia • bipolar • ptsd • cancer • panic attacks • autism…
【85】Cross Califa(2019/08/18 03:52:56)
【84】Naman Agarwal (JAFCIANS)(2019/08/18 03:52:55)
Saw Easily Really liked ‘s sensitive hand…
【82】Chloe(2019/08/18 03:52:53)
my fiance is suffering with PTSD, he's found your music, it's inspiring him & I just want to thank you f…
【81】Steve Fleischman(2019/08/18 03:52:51)
I must say I was triggered. I’m gonna get PTSD from Twitter.
【79】(((Toledo Pam)))(2019/08/18 03:52:38)
I wore an "I'm OK" mask throughout my childhood, hiding the traumatic impact of sexual abuse. Too many kids are suffering…
【77】Arun John Gott(2019/08/18 03:52:34)
【76】Robin J. Schwartz(2019/08/18 03:52:33)
【74】killua(2019/08/18 03:52:20)
Pop smoke really did what he had to do on PTSD and Dior
【73】N3ROGold(2019/08/18 03:52:20)
*ptsd flashbacks on LR SSJ4S*
【71】Ziggy Gaming(2019/08/18 03:52:05)
It's the same with ptsd and did. If I had…
【70】Crossroads Ibogaine(2019/08/18 03:52:01)
Anecdotally, ketamine holds a lot of promise for treating severe depression and other conditions like PTSD, though…
【67】Peter Cashel(2019/08/18 03:51:50)
BBC News - Troubles trauma - the hidden legacy of violence PTSD is lethal You need to identify…
【65】𝐿𝑒𝓈(2019/08/18 03:51:45)
i just got ptsd at the thrift store
【64】Catherine M Ginn(2019/08/18 03:51:42)
Mother of all anxiety nightmares last night (stockpiling)... Followed by another. Night before too. And with things set t…
【62】peach daddy 🍑(2019/08/18 03:51:38)
Wow I love PTSD so much, thanks for that flashback that just left me useless for about 30 minutes
【60】нσт gιяℓ qυσ ღ †(2019/08/18 03:51:32)
My PTSD kicked in rq 😂😂
【59】James DeSarno(2019/08/18 03:51:10)
Now imagine the anxiety and PTSD of being 5 years old locked in a cage for weeks without your parents.
【58】JASON TODD(2019/08/18 03:51:05)
hata wee unajua hamwezi piga wolves,...tena on a monday, you know no PTSD?
【57】🍩(2019/08/18 03:51:05)
This meme gave me ptsd
【55】huda(2019/08/18 03:50:53)
this gave me glee ptsd
【54】Mariselle(2019/08/18 03:50:49)
【53】Snow White Bui(2019/08/18 03:50:41)
Children around the country are already experiencing PTSD as the result of living in this society we co-created. W…
【52】Ariel Nascimento PT(2019/08/18 03:50:30)
Vagus nerve stimulation paired with repeatedly playing a single tone improved hearing in a rat study. Thi…
【50】Thor Dog of Thunder(2019/08/18 03:50:25)
! Way too hot to wear this more than a minute but happy pride!
【49】Double cheeked up(2019/08/18 03:50:20)
Psychedelics can be powerfully therapeutic. I am 47, but from the age of 12-15, I had severe depression and PTSD due…
【48】Chief-10beers(2019/08/18 03:50:09)
If you have followed me within the last four months you haven't missed a thing. Before PTSD I was the life of the party…
【47】Smeezy(2019/08/18 03:50:07)
VAR giving me PTSD
【46】Ahmed/Listen to Snoh Aalegra(2019/08/18 03:49:56)
yeah i aint trying to be a dickhead PTSD is good though
【41】combatresearchandprose(2019/08/18 03:49:22)
【40】Amit Mehra(2019/08/18 03:49:20)
I'm a
【39】Liz Lyons(2019/08/18 03:49:17)
'Addiction Unplugged': PTSD and the Opioid Crisis
【37】tyree(2019/08/18 03:49:06)
Glad to see after over a year of investigation, a year of me dealing with extreme PTSD, a year of me always checking behi…
【35】Big Boy.(2019/08/18 03:48:53)
Technology shunning City out vs Spurs yet again. Unreal PTSD 😭
【34】Bluebird Rave(2019/08/18 03:48:53)
. . . . That it be digitally archived and preserved online. That way, MORE people can view…
【32】✨Ella 👑 Ainsi sera, groigne qui groigne(2019/08/18 03:48:49)
me @ people who don’t understand that harry literally fucking has ptsd and that it’s affected every aspect of his life incl…
【31】Salyris Studios 🌟🌟🌟(2019/08/18 03:48:42)
"Red Flag Laws" They may as well call them the "Disarm All Veterans Law. We have been at war fo…
【30】夏凛 #END殺処分JAPAN(2019/08/18 03:48:35)
【28】ミソスープ!!(2019/08/18 03:48:20)
『ペンギンズ・メモリー 幸福物語』 戦場でPTSDになったベトナム帰還兵のペンギンが娑婆で孤立して自分探しの旅に出て歌手の卵の女の子と出会うハートフルストーリーです( …
【26】David(2019/08/18 03:48:09)
Thanks to Trump, it is now (correct) conventional wisdom that Evangelicalism is vile, hypocritical, and…
【24】RQ Skye(2019/08/18 03:47:54)
paying up to £800 a month.
【23】april(2019/08/18 03:47:51)
Dealing with a partner that claims you are their world and shows you just that, but in that same breath can also belittle…
【13】𝔯𝔢𝔟𝔢𝔩 𝔰𝔠𝔲𝔪🏳️‍🌈 𖤍(2019/08/18 03:47:06)
still having PTSD and now you have to hear it too
【12】Joshua Michael Moran(2019/08/18 03:47:06)
Not the most elongate drawing I’ve done but neither is fixing your ankle
【9】syd 🍄🤯(2019/08/18 03:46:37)
smosh summer games: ptsd for
【8】Johnny • Valentine(2019/08/18 03:46:32)
Omg bitch this gave me ptsd my sister wouldn’t stop blasting this song
【6】sem.(2019/08/18 03:46:27)
Post traumatic stress disorder. Buat sisanya bisa dibaca di artikel ya takut aku salah ngejabari…
【4】Myrha Cheval(2019/08/18 03:46:24)
We're going to have an entire generation of American kids with PTSD. A lot of 'em anyway.