【63】maryam(2019/04/23 01:24:44)
Trsm has initiated ptsd in me wallahi, a sea of students before an exam everyday
【62】niamh(2019/04/23 01:24:34)
so ur telling me a stupid ass girl there a lemon at ariana whilst she was performing knowing full well she has anxiety and ptsd??
【61】serrgv(2019/04/23 01:24:24)
Artificial intelligence can diagnose
【60】𝐛𝐫𝐢.(2019/04/23 01:24:06)
you could’ve triggered her ptsd when you threw the lemon at her. you shouldn’t have thrown it in the first place.
【59】John Stephen Walsh(2019/04/23 01:23:48)
Heidi's 5-year-old, Hans, has peanut allergies and PTSD. When a bus backfired he went into convulsi…
【58】🐯𝐑𝐢𝐲𝐚 𝐰𝐢𝐭𝐡 𝐥𝐮𝐯 💫(2019/04/23 01:23:47)
ariana really suffers with concert PTSD... literally THIS WEEK addressed it and how nervous she gets performing... and weirdo…
【57】mb(2019/04/23 01:23:45)
College has given me PTSD, I feel like I have homework assignments and papers due ugh
【56】Emma Pietrafesa(2019/04/23 01:23:32)
A specially designed computer program can help diagnose post-traumatic stress disorder (
【55】MrPotatoHead(2019/04/23 01:22:48)
【54】TheLeftFails(2019/04/23 01:22:37)
【53】lisbeth west(2019/04/23 01:22:31)
Stonewall Uprising - Primary Resources: Blueprint for Revolutionary ACTION.
【52】Kelsie(2019/04/23 01:22:28)
the HOT ZONE book is becoming a movie?? i’m having 9th grade buford biology PTSD
【51】Jenni Schaefer(2019/04/23 01:21:44)
Does your eating disorder, PTSD, or other mental health condition impact your relationships? Dr. Stefanie Carnes & …
【50】🍀LB🍀(2019/04/23 01:21:40)
If I had the time and money I would start my own therapeutic riding program to those with PTSD. It would be perfect…
【49】Lukas Simonis(2019/04/23 01:21:25)
The PTSD from the 2016 election is pretty hard to shake. We need to stop being so gun-shy.
【48】Doctrine Man(2019/04/23 01:21:16)
The better we understand this issue, the better off we'll all be.
【47】Margs Clamato 🍅(2019/04/23 01:20:30)
Anyone else get PTSD from a name? Like you see someone’s name and it makes you cringe every time you read it. Like the…
【46】djesika bèl(2019/04/23 01:20:25)
my baby peed on the floor last night. i've cleaned 4 times. i still smell pee. just needed to share that. i'm real…
【45】zoe☁️(2019/04/23 01:20:17)
idk if ur lying but do you realise how insensitive and dangerous that shit is? it could have hurt her and it defini…
【44】Williams John(2019/04/23 01:19:56)
PLEASE RT My daughter had a high risk open heart surgery in 2017 & developed PTSD. She is unable to attend regular sch…
【43】chloe marie(2019/04/23 01:19:44)
Can you get ptsd from a toxic ass relationship? Asking for a friend
【42】Puro Sound Labs(2019/04/23 01:19:42)
Thank you to from for showing up tonight to support autism awareness and the g…
【41】Global Dental(2019/04/23 01:19:33)
Dental Anxiety is no joke.
【40】Amberlyn Johnson(2019/04/23 01:19:29)
Mission PTSD is a real thing. Don’t get me wrong, my mission is a highlight in my life, I loved it, it…
【38】Fif de Florence(2019/04/23 01:19:19)
Not being able to sleep is one symptom of PTSD. Find out what happens to your body if you don't get any sleep, https:/…
【37】PTSD Awareness(2019/04/23 01:19:07)
Not being able to sleep is one symptom of PTSD. Find out what happens to your body if you don't get any sleep,…
【36】gabriela(2019/04/23 01:18:55)
what part of it was funny? it was disrespectful, rude, and extremely inconsiderate considering her ptsd and how high her a…
【35】Faux_Outrage_(2019/04/23 01:18:54)
all while possibly loosing ligaments and developing PTSD! hooyah!
【34】ilovebuddy21(2019/04/23 01:18:46)
I’m glad that James is getting treatment for his PTSD, and has the support of his sister. Sometimes it means the world wh…
【32】ilovebuddy21(2019/04/23 01:18:43)
I’m glad that James is getting treatment for his PTSD, and has the support of his sister. Sometimes it means the wo…
【31】Sharna | fan account(2019/04/23 01:18:43)
It really fucking wasn’t like...poor lass suffers from ptsd, who knew what was going through her mind at that moment
【29】McMathCreative(2019/04/23 01:18:34)
A bill is currently before Congress requiring the VA to conduct its own research into cannabis and PTSD relief. It'…
【28】ChanceClip☁️(2019/04/23 01:18:19)
Exactly .... if you read it you would see what I said about me not realizing she had ptsd and apologi…
【26】Georgia's Fav Things(2019/04/23 01:18:00)
But let’s forget about the serious stuff for a second and concentrate on Hank and my love for him.
【25】Caroline Cook(2019/04/23 01:17:57)
I'm a PhD scientist by training, and a MH advocate. I talk about some of my experiences dealing with PTSD and panic dis…
【23】b(2019/04/23 01:17:42)
Did you forget she had PTSD, like she could've completely spazzed and thought it was something else, like wh…
【22】Catch These Hands(2019/04/23 01:17:40)
i think that for someone who has PTSD from a terrorist attack at one of her own concerts, you should’ve been more sensitive a…
【20】David B(2019/04/23 01:16:59)
I’m a veteran, I know what veterans go through. PTSD is real! PTSD is no joke. PTSD kills. PTS…
【19】Rachel Kambury(2019/04/23 01:16:53)
so. I guess today (yesterday?) is the ninth anniversary of my being diagnosed with PTSD. and I’m seeing Endgame on…
【18】Cara Donnelly-Wilson(2019/04/23 01:16:44)
Fucking with someone with PTSD makes you an asshole. Like I'm hiding in my basement rocking Mason level asshole. Al…
【17】cierra ru(2019/04/23 01:16:34)
this gave me ptsd working at a grocery stores bitches be dropping pickle jars every 2 seconds im tearing up
【16】Shower Thoughts(2019/04/23 01:16:32)
PTSD is just emo nostalgia
【15】Valerie Ann(2019/04/23 01:16:22)
Sounds as though you, like me, suffer from Love PTSD. One of the symptoms is doing everyt…
【13】maddy(2019/04/23 01:15:45)
so.. i have ptsd
【12】Metal On The Move(2019/04/23 01:15:22)
Veterans With PTSD Find Relief in Native American Rituals
【10】Essvari AI(2019/04/23 01:15:11)
Here's Amaranthine, my first poetry book! It's about abuse, trauma, PTSD, survival, discovery, and growth [ft. magical r…
【9】結菜(2019/04/23 01:15:08)
PTSDだから、サバイバーだから…うん。近くに存在するだけでもなんか気を使うから迷惑とか…じゃぁそっと離れてくれたらええよ? じゃぁてめぇが心無い一言を投げつけたりするまわりの人はどうおもってんだろーね( ̄∀ ̄) それでも繋がってくれてる人に感謝。ありがと。
【8】charlotte(2019/04/23 01:15:05)
I remember when an ex of mine told me that u could only have depression if you'd suffered PTSD through military service :-)
【7】Online Mindfulness Therapy(2019/04/23 01:15:04)
Learn how to reprocess traumatic memories through Online Mindfulness Therapy for
【6】Iain Brown, PhD(2019/04/23 01:14:57)
Artificial intelligence can diagnose PTSD by analyzing voices: Study tests potential telemedicine approach - Scienc…
【5】Tammy Ravenwolf(2019/04/23 01:14:56)
Shorts weather😎! Will take time 2 upload my ramblin yip yap video almost 30 mins
【4】Ebenezer Pinkrah(2019/04/23 01:14:37)
The Military Wants Better Tests for PTSD. Speech Analysis Could Be the Answer.
【3】Chris(2019/04/23 01:14:35)
【2】ChanceClip☁️(2019/04/23 01:14:19)
Yeah but her having ptsd just makes it worse ,
【1】The Luke Movement(2019/04/23 01:14:17)
Mental Note Monday: