【100】Jin Xian(2019/10/20 23:15:50)
"I know these players are good enough" yet again Can those of you making up bollocks about him not getting players he wante…
【99】Susan Stayner(2019/10/20 23:15:50)
October 16th: You were the ONLY one to bring them home... (see below as a reminder!) But today... They're NOT comi…
【98】Christine Lord(2019/10/20 23:15:50)
Oh for goodness sake. What’s next? Paying for toilet paper? You Democrats have gone totally insane. I don’t believe…
【97】Priyanka Jharoda(2019/10/20 23:15:50)
Left all hopes God is still there who will take you out from deadly disease God Kabir Can Cure…
【96】Jackfinn(2019/10/20 23:15:50)
Oh great nice to see you back !!
【95】Sarah Hill(2019/10/20 23:15:50)
I feel like this could be you
【94】Ze(2019/10/20 23:15:50)
thank you poks miss u!!
【93】PJM MONTH🌜joonie’s moonchild🌛(2019/10/20 23:15:50)
Among their broke pattern, this is the most disgusting practice billboard has knighted: read the SS. You don't even ne…
【92】Nia Spears (💋🌈💞)(2019/10/20 23:15:50)
"You think I'm so naive How dare you Play with me? I gave you Heart and soul, yeah Tell me baby, please Why you scr…
【91】紅葉(2019/10/20 23:15:50)
日本の文化史を振り返っても過去最高に「にわかファン」がポジティブに語られるラグビー。 これは他のスポーツでも文芸でも成し得なかった快挙で、日本人の新参排斥精神を崩す勢いだ。 スポーツの枠すら超え、我々の心を価値観ごと揺さぶったブレイブブロッサムズの奮…
【90】queen lulu(2019/10/20 23:15:50)
Sometimes you meet people who are supposed to resonate with a particular frame of your life, energy, consciousness & lessons…
【89】Pluvius🌻🔥🔥(2019/10/20 23:15:50)
Cutie!!! How old are you again? Hahahaha
【88】davina🦁(2019/10/20 23:15:50)
jongdae and sehun have such a sweet bond ;____; you can really tell that they care for each other
【87】Srirach4🔥(2019/10/20 23:15:50)
Do you ever miss yourself? The person you were before you had your first heartbreak or before you got betrayed by a person…
【86】Asiaaaaaaa(2019/10/20 23:15:50)
Lol thank you love 💙
【85】La Gioconda(2019/10/20 23:15:50)
The point is not whether you should or shouldn’t, can or can’t, hold the G-7 summit at your hotel (you can’t becaus…
【84】lexaprofessional(2019/10/20 23:15:50)
you know he’s swangin
【83】Marcia Bigg(2019/10/20 23:15:50)
can you tell me how I go about cancelling my spire lotto account please? I understand if you need t…
【82】BBC Newcastle(2019/10/20 23:15:50)
“Dwight’s fit, Andy’s OK at the minute.... when you’ve got options – good options like we’ve got – then there’s a different…
【81】SRKisLoveTurkey(2019/10/20 23:15:50)
Beat his swag if you can, i bet you can't 🔥
【80】Felix • Ateez AU 📌(2019/10/20 23:15:50)
whose boyfriend is this and how many times have i told you to stop letting him run from your pocket 😤✋🏻 …
【79】leekimmy🐭🦁🦈🎼(2019/10/20 23:15:50)
Actor Atthaphan, we love you, will always support you, want to see more film works by Atthaphan.
【78】Marshall T Mahon(2019/10/20 23:15:50)
You hope someone who is over with the fans loses that fan support? You hope someone wh…
【77】JustVee🗯(2019/10/20 23:15:50)
65.) Lulo Café ft. Nothende - I Wanna Love You 😭😭😭
【76】4-step(2019/10/20 23:15:50)
Hello I've been following for a long time and saw this account got suspended for no reaso…
【75】Gaviscon' Fishin(2019/10/20 23:15:50)
It’s time for our last game. We are going into retirement for awhile. Loved seeing all your tweets the past 2 years! I’ll…
【74】DAMS Consulting(2019/10/20 23:15:50)
【73】Chrono Shindou(2019/10/20 23:15:50)
You can do it, Shion!
【72】princessa ♥(2019/10/20 23:15:50)
are you guys not tired. are you guys not fucking tired
【71】Maria santoro(2019/10/20 23:15:50)
never again. Prepaid car rental -went to pick it up and was charged more than what I prep…
【70】세별 ミ☆(2019/10/20 23:15:50)
moonhyun😭💛 thank you for breathingㅠㅠㅠ
【69】ؘ(2019/10/20 23:15:50)
watch this, you’re not gonna regret it 😭
【68】lex 🍂mir 🍂 be your night 🕸🎃🦇(2019/10/20 23:15:50)
You know how my pfp always make me feel a certain way and I think they give off a vibe. Too much attitude…
【67】Anastasia Grey(2019/10/20 23:15:50)
I miss you so hurry up !
【66】tayla(2019/10/20 23:15:50)
you me 🤝 going through it
【65】⭕️❌Wanda❌⭕️⭐️⭐️⭐️(2019/10/20 23:15:50)
Thank you, Nobody!
【64】.(2019/10/20 23:15:50)
I do that without even coming to you😂
【63】President@WPI KAR(2019/10/20 23:15:50)
We are also of the same opinion..and if this type of development continues..very soon you will see a mass movement.…
【62】skye 🏳️⚧(2019/10/20 23:15:50)
This is now a reality. If you would like to be invited to the Non-binary Parents discord that I have created, please le…
【61】Sherien(2019/10/20 23:15:50)
Great tweet with great information You must read it
【60】kriztelle(2019/10/20 23:15:50)
you know how much i suck at communicating but i will forever be your friend ily
【59】dєví 🅻🅰🅻 ѕιngн✨(2019/10/20 23:15:50)
just to troll someone , you're falling to such low, faking someone's death and creating fake meme on it. Fanw…
【58】shkd(2019/10/20 23:15:50)
YOU CLEVER GIRL TAU OFCOURSE BOLEH GRADUATE!!!! 🤩🤩🤩🤩 don't give up, you can do this! dulu i fail addmat…
【57】Jam ❀(2019/10/20 23:15:50)
Mina: "Members too, thank you." Jeongyeon: "Thank you as well to our Mina who was courageous." …
【56】MICHAEL ARMSTEAD(2019/10/20 23:15:50)
Wait you did what?? 😂😂😂
【55】🍂🎃Tunde🎃🍂(2019/10/20 23:15:50)
You need to see this amazing cartoon...
【54】🍋 thoughts-from-a-paper-bag(2019/10/20 23:15:50)
【53】matt 🥀(2019/10/20 23:15:50)
Hey If you smoke around someone who's allergic or athsmatic, you're an asshole. If you smoke around kids you're an ass…
【52】krishnapriya s(2019/10/20 23:15:50)
KAVIN now you are in a GOOD ZONE.....
【51】Whats up(2019/10/20 23:15:50)
Yeah, show us how tough you are and fight brother Khabib Nurmagomedov.
【50】ROSE MAE(2019/10/20 23:15:50)
yes I’m a mess but I’m blessed to be stuck with you, 🤷🏻‍♀️😚
【49】Cendoi(2019/10/20 23:15:50)
you broke me & i apologized
【48】𝒏𝒂𝒏𝒅𝒂;; 𝒔𝒆𝒐𝒌𝒋𝒊𝒏(2019/10/20 23:15:50)
[ 진짜 진짜 얼마 안남았는데 기다려지는 몬베베들 푸쳐핸섭
【47】Dan Duprey(2019/10/20 23:15:50)
You aren't usually this tough on Trump. Perhaps you've grown a pair?
【46】Debbie Breeze Parker(2019/10/20 23:15:50)
You can make a real difference in Ellaine’s life. Join me on
【45】THEE QUEEN 🍭(2019/10/20 23:15:50)
Life is like a sandwich, no matter which way you flip it the bread comes first.
【44】Kennaswiftie🏹💗(2019/10/20 23:15:50)
have you ever cried because of this? 1. Yes 2. Yes 3. Yes:/ 4. maybe 5. Yes 6. Too much 7. Yes 8. Yes 9. Yes 10. Y…
【43】ปะปุณเปอร์ปิ้วๆ🎈(2019/10/20 23:15:50)
I miss you sunshine✨I miss your soft and warm smiles so much✨ ユンホ 유노윤호 …
【42】Nilesh M. Kulkarni(2019/10/20 23:15:50)
Warm birthday greetings to one of a kind, . Wishing you good health and a fabulous day. Stay blesse…
【41】Grace(2019/10/20 23:15:50)
Do you love
【40】soymolinaa(2019/10/20 23:15:50)
For every racist asshole that yells and screams “ go back to your country “ be grateful you don’t ever have to experience t…
【39】★Mirco★(2019/10/20 23:15:50)
Oh shit you too 😂😂😂 I read that sometime during last winter and I like and don't like it at the same time
【38】Mike HILL(2019/10/20 23:15:50)
Al I know this will make you automatically hate me,but today would be Mickey Mantle's 88th birthday 🎂😏
【37】Naveen(2019/10/20 23:15:50)
【36】Hazel | KV(2019/10/20 23:15:50)
There you are...!:) fighting famcakes!
【35】Shane || GA📌(2019/10/20 23:15:50)
Bangchan/Christopher Bang Rt this twt if you love bangchan
【34】caróu(2019/10/20 23:15:50)
Zodiac Killer: *serial killing* Victim: why are you doing this? Zodiac Killer: you know how Scorpios are lol
【33】andrea 🤸🏼‍♂️(2019/10/20 23:15:50)
A relationship isn’t always 50/50. some days a person will struggle. you suck it up and pick up that 80/20 cus they need you.…
【32】9¾ MOAENG!!! ヽ(^。^)ノ(2019/10/20 23:15:50)
once you soobin, you really cant soobout😭😭😭😭
【31】Zebi 🎴 火(2019/10/20 23:15:50)
Fuck what your top says, what are you?
【30】Ness 🦋(2019/10/20 23:15:50)
you will see a mans true colors when you move in with him or pregnant by him
【29】BChamp(2019/10/20 23:15:50)
If it "wasn't meant to be this way" then it would not have went the way it did. Obviously, you are wrong.
【28】Silver(2019/10/20 23:15:50)
Day 20 - Nico Robin. It was quite tricky to capture her look in my style. Hope you like it! :)
【27】Mateo(2019/10/20 23:15:50)
What? You mean she was hired because her dad was someone famous?! The hell you say!
【26】🇺🇸Silence Dogood🇺🇸(2019/10/20 23:15:50)
Sorry, I’ve tuned you out. Get behind Trump or resign.
【25】🌸Haidar🌸(2019/10/20 23:15:50)
【24】mk(2019/10/20 23:15:50)
Do you ever admire men you find attractive with him?
【23】MyNamesPaulXD(2019/10/20 23:15:50)
Happy Birthday to my amazing and wonderful friend ! I hope you have a lovely day 🥰🤗💝
【22】Brani (kpopper)(2019/10/20 23:15:50)
🧯(숙면용 보너스...Good night 🐥🐤🐣) "Icepray for you"
【21】🚀grace(2019/10/20 23:15:50)
yes i’ll make sure to have solid proof of my point. thank you for leaving m…
【20】max angell(2019/10/20 23:15:50)
Astros scouts sent Altuve home, cut him at a try out Venezuela. Too short. Didn’t believe he was 16. He came back the next…
【19】*.:。emo babie ❈(2019/10/20 23:15:50)
I love you and i’ll always do. You’ve worked hard, Chris. May God always bless you and make you happier
【18】laura//yuna SAW PENTAGON(2019/10/20 23:15:50)
【17】Lewis Reeves(2019/10/20 23:15:50)
If Ojo had done that you’d have been on the first flight home and on the warpath 😂😂
【16】.(2019/10/20 23:15:50)
“The worst part of having a mental illness is people expect you to behave as if you don't.” —Joker (2019) h…
【15】arielle españa(2019/10/20 23:15:50)
Thank you angel!!
【14】Gacheru Wangai(2019/10/20 23:15:50)
How many followers do you want? 1K RT = 1M Followers 2K RT =2M Followers 3K RT =3M Followers 4K RT =4M Followers 5K RT…
【13】Aaqib Gul(2019/10/20 23:15:50)
Pakistan is ready for I wish I could also go and participate there in my 2nd hom…
【12】Dipeedee(2019/10/20 23:15:50)
You almost got it Odie 😂 📹by: odiethefluffycorgi 🐶
【11】☠️ Alexiskelenton ☠️(2019/10/20 23:15:50)
Hey @ tall people how does it feel to smack ur head against things all the time?? To not be able to stand properly in s…
【10】Jesus Gomez(2019/10/20 23:15:50)
If you check a ball back to someone and the 1st thing they do is palm it to jab you up... you’re in trouble... …
【9】dave fuller(2019/10/20 23:15:50)
For health professionals: In the past month, how often have…
【8】Aly// Broke is my middle name ☆(2019/10/20 23:15:50)
Haha thank you, Off to Doha now.
【7】the watcher(2019/10/20 23:15:50)
Christians - Kindly stay the fuck away from Halloween and I won’t talk shit about you all day.
【6】Aniisah🌷(2019/10/20 23:15:50)
high school was so judgy but in college you see someone riding by on a Bird wearing a snuggie and it’s like “that is a smar…
【5】Pedro(2019/10/20 23:15:50)
those “can i call u” people are cute af 🥰. No you cant call me but thanks for asking!
【4】شهد(2019/10/20 23:15:50)
you know the tea sis!!!!
【3】樂(2019/10/20 23:15:50)
【2】Ash Idris (시아즈니)(2019/10/20 23:15:50)
Hady Mirza! Good luck today! You can do it!
【1】Bill Burt(2019/10/20 23:15:50)
I’m looking at you, Saban.